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Education Specialist Degree

Education Specialist Degree [Ed.S.]

Admission Requirements

See General Admission Requirements. An applicant is not required to have majored in education on the undergraduate level. However, some curriculum and instruction specializations do have additional admission requirements.

Students may not earn both a master’s degree and an Ed.S. or Ed.D. from PCC in the same specialization, except educational leadership. Those who completed a Master of Science degree in educational leadership and want to pursue a higher degree in the same area should contact the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office for adjustments to required courses.

Requirements for the Ed.S.

The education specialist study consists of the mastery of a field of knowledge. A minimum of 36 credit hours beyond master’s degree or 66 credit hours beyond bachelor’s degree is required for the specialist degree.

All work must be completed within 5 consecutive years. The 5 years begins with the first course taken in the Education Specialist program. For example, if the first course was taken Summer 2014, the student must complete all requirements by August 2019.

Education Specialist Comprehensive Examination

Candidates for the Ed.S. must pass a final subjective comprehensive examination. The examination is intended to provide evidence that the candidate has mastered the specialized knowledge required for the degree. The examination may be retaken only one time.

Comprehensive examination dates are set in advance and are posted online and in the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office.

Students must meet GPA requirements before taking the comprehensive examination. Only students who have applied for graduation and are completing their degree requirements in the current semester/class may apply to take the comprehensive examination. Further information regarding the Education Specialist Comprehensive Examination is available from the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office.

Residence Requirements

Each education specialist student must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours of coursework. The courses are offered in summer sessions. (Up to 12 credit hours may be earned during the 7-week summer term.)

See upcoming summer courses.

Correspondence and Distance Learning

Some course requirements may be completed through PCC’s correspondence and distance-learning program with the remainder completed on campus. See Course Descriptions.


See Candidacy.

Graduation Requirements

See Graduation Requirements.