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Academic Information

Academic Classification


A freshman has satisfied entrance requirements and has completed fewer than 28 credit hours.


A sophomore has completed at least 28 but fewer than 60 credit hours.


A junior has completed at least 60 but fewer than 94 credit hours.


A senior has completed at least 94 credit hours.

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All students, regardless of classification, are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Classes missed the day before and/or after holidays are counted as double absences.

Students missing more than a week of scheduled classes automatically lose one full letter grade; students missing more than two weeks receive “F” for the course unless otherwise exempted by the Administration.

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College Division

The College Division is designated to deliver general education course requirements and to provide faculty who advise students toward initial degree preparation.

The purpose of the College Division is to prepare students for success in their major degree studies and in their future vocation and ministry by providing a distinctively Christian-traditional, liberal arts education for every undergraduate degree program.

The goals of this division are to prepare students with the ability to share the gospel of Christ with others; understand biblical teaching regarding the home, church, and government; recognize how society is influenced by the history of civilization, literature, and/or fine arts; interpret social sciences knowledge from a Christian worldview; communicate clearly and effectively in speaking and writing; develop an ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize ideas; and apply fundamental principles of mathematics and/or science to analyze and solve problems.

General education course requirements, drawn from introductory and survey courses offered by other academic divisions, include Bible, humanities/fine arts, behavioral/ social sciences, communications, and natural sciences/math.

Additional Requirements for Bachelor of Arts Degree

Part-time and special students are not required to take physical education activity classes unless they continue toward a degree. The following students are also exempt from physical education: (1) married students, (2) anyone excused by a physician, (3) anyone more than 25 years of age when first enrolling at Pensacola Christian College. These exemptions do not apply to physical education majors, minors, or second teaching fields. Students who first enroll prior to age 25 must take one physical education activity course for each semester of full-time enrollment prior to reaching age 25 or until all physical education graduation requirements are met. Students enrolled part-time prior to age 25 must take one physical education activity course for each 12 hours of part-time academic work prior to reaching age 25 or until all physical education graduation requirements are met.

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Course Numbering

In general, 100-level courses should be taken in the student’s first year, 200-level the second year, 300-level the third year, and 400-level the fourth year. A two-letter prefix indicates academic department. Exceptions to this pattern must be authorized by the Registrar.

Correspondence and Distance Learning

If the course credits come from a recognized school and the Registrar determines that the courses fit the particular academic program at Pensacola Christian College, credit may be acceptable in transfer as long as it meets course transfer requirements. Courses that are taken at another institution (new applicants) must be completed before beginning the first semester at PCC. Approved coursework not completed before the beginning of a semester is included in the student’s academic load for that semester.

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Students are expected to take all examinations on their assigned dates. If examinations are missed, as a rule, they may not be taken later. However, if the student gains both the teacher’s and the Registrar’s approval and pays the Late Exam Fee, he may make up an examination.

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Grading System

Grades are issued at midterm and after final examinations. Midterm grades are not entered on the student’s permanent record.

The following 4.00 grading system is for all students:

Grade   Grade Points
Per Credit Hour
A Superior 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Passing 1
F Failing 0

Students may determine their grade point average by dividing the total number of grade points earned by the total number of credit hours attempted. (Students who have taken a course more than once should see Repeating a Course.) A student must achieve a final grade point average of 2.00 (at least twice as many grade points as credit hours attempted) or higher for all courses that he attempts at PCC to satisfy the grade point requirement for graduation.

Other grade report and/or transcript codes are:

I Incomplete
W Withdrew
WF Withdrew failing
WU Withdrew auditing
P Passed
AU Audit
NG No grade
CR Credit

All “Incompletes” must be made up before midterm of the following semester. Students have 60 days after the end of the semester to report grade discrepancies to the Registrar.

Scholastic Honors

Registrar’s Office will publish the President’s List of students achieving a grade point average of 3.90 or higher for the semester, and will publish a Dean’s List of those achieving a grade point average of 3.00 or higher for the semester. To qualify, students must be carrying a minimum of 12 credit hours and must not have any “Incompletes,” “Ds,” “Fs,” or “WFs” for that semester.

Graduation Honors

To qualify for academic honors a student must have earned at least a 3.50 grade point average for his entire academic record, have completed at least 60 hours at Pensacola Christian College, and have completed all graduation requirements for a four-year degree. The scholastic honors are as follows:

Honor Grade Point Average
Cum laude 3.50–3.69
Magna cum laude 3.70–3.84
Summa cum laude 3.85–4.00

Repeating a Course

A student may repeat courses he previously failed or courses in which he did not earn the minimum grade required for graduation or his major. All grades earned by a student become a part of his permanent record and will show on any transcript issued by the College; however, the highest earned grade of repeated courses is used in computing the grade point average, and the credit hours are counted only once. A student’s grade point average will improve providing the repeated grade is higher than the previous grade. If a student repeats a course at another college, the credits and grades earned on another campus will not be used in improving the student’s academic record at PCC.

No student may repeat a course more than twice. A student must secure the permission of the Registrar any time he repeats a course more than one time.

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Graduation Requirements

Baccalaureate Degree

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree are offered to students who satisfactorily complete a four-year course of study outlined under their major field of concentration. In addition, a student must

  1. complete at least 128 credit hours, including courses required for general requirements, his degree, and prescribed minor courses (excludes credits from EN 100 and MA 100)
  2. earn at least a 2.00 grade point average at Pensacola Christian College
  3. receive at least a “C” in all courses required in his major field, EN 121, EN 126, MA 121 (or higher MA course); in addition, a minimum grade of “B” may be required in specified courses
  4. complete at least two semesters in residence at Pensacola Christian College including the last semester of the senior year (A student’s final course must be taken on campus at PCC during a regular fall or spring semester or standard Interterm or Post-term session.)
  5. complete at least 8 credit hours of Bible courses in residence at Pensacola Christian College (All students must take a Bible course each semester unless a waiver is given.)
  6. successfully pass the Sophomore English Exam taken the spring semester of the sophomore year (If the test is not completed successfully, a remedial English course must be taken the following year.)
  7. complete a Petition for Graduation in the Records Office at least by the end of the drop/add period of the semester of anticipated graduation
  8. settle all financial obligations to the College
  9. attend Commencement activities if enrolled the spring semester

Candidates for baccalaureate degrees must also select a certain number of elective courses other than those in their major or minor fields to complete their degree program. The number of electives allowed for a particular program will vary.

All degree requirements are listed in the Catalog. An advisor is assigned to assist the student in following the course of study for the student’s degree requirements. However, the student bears the final responsibility in scheduling completion of the degree requirements for his chosen program of studies. PCC cannot schedule courses for the convenience of individual students who cannot or who do not take courses in their regular sequence.

Second-semester sophomores will receive a graduation checksheet from the Records Office. The checksheet lists both completed courses and courses to be completed for the specific major and minor.

Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science degree is offered to students who satisfactorily complete one of the two-year courses of study. A student whose major requires a minor may complete an associate’s degree in lieu of a minor when the minor is not built in as part of the program of study. In addition, a student must

  1. complete at least 64 credit hours, including courses required for his degree and general requirements
  2. receive at least a “C” in all courses required in his major field, EN 121, EN 126, MA 121 (or higher MA course)
  3. complete at least two semesters in residence at Pensacola Christian College including the last semester
  4. complete requirements 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9 under Baccalaureate Degree

Double Major

A student may graduate with a double major provided that both majors are on the same level (for example, both bachelor’s degrees). The second major is completed in lieu of a minor. The double major is subject to the following conditions:

  1. All catalog requirements listed for both majors must be satisfied.
  2. The Petition for Graduation must show the name of both majors.

Second Degree

A student who has previously been granted a college-level degree may seek to earn a second degree in another major at Pensacola Christian College. All catalog requirements for the second degree must be satisfied.

Credits from the original degree will be transferred according to the policies stated under Transfer of Credit. A Petition for Graduation must be submitted and a graduation fee must be paid for the second degree to be granted. Ordinarily, earning a second degree requires more than one year of coursework. For further information, contact the Registrar.

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The master’s degree programs are structured for teachers, administrators, business men and women, pastors, musicians, artists, and serious Bible scholars who wish to increase their usability in Christian service. In addition, doctoral programs in education and a Doctor of Ministry degree are offered. In each program, theory is firmly anchored to practice, and a positive, encouraging spirit is personified by all faculty. For further information, see Division of Graduate Studies and Pensacola Theological Seminary.

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Student Academic Load

A normal full-time undergraduate academic course load is 15–17 credit hours; a maximum load is 20 credit hours that includes any correspondence and distance-learning work in which the student is currently enrolled.

Student academic load limits are determined on the following basis: Students whose grade point average drops below 2.00 are restricted to 14 credit hours unless they are on Academic Probation (see below). New freshmen and students with a grade point average of 2.00 or above may register for 17 credit hours; students with a grade point average of 3.00 or above may register for 18 credit hours; those students with a grade point average of 4.00 may register for 20 credit hours. No student is allowed to exceed his academic load limit without the Registrar’s approval.

Students register for courses each semester according to the required course sequence for their chosen program of study. They should also consider their own ability to maintain a 2.00 grade point average while completing their program.

Academic Probation

No student will be placed on academic probation until he has completed 3 semesters at PCC. A student is placed on academic probation when he falls below the 2.00 grade point average depending on the number of semesters attended

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Registering for Courses


To receive course credit, a student must meet all prerequisites and be registered for the course in the Records Office. Registration dates are listed on the Calendar of Events.

Students registering late must pay a $40 late fee.

Plan for Learning

Pensacola Christian College offers a yearly program of instruction in which two semesters are divided by a five-week Interterm beginning this year December 13 and ending January 17. Interterm may be used by students to simply enjoy as a vacation, seek employment, travel with a Proclaim ministry team or sports team, or to earn credits on or away from campus. Students may attend Interterm classes on campus January 4–16 and earn two or three credits. Two Post-term sessions are held, May 7–20 and May 21–June 3. Two or three credits may be earned during each session.

Credit Hour

One semester credit hour represents the equivalent of one hour of lecture or two hours of laboratory work each week. Class lecture or laboratory time combined with outside classwork or studying is expected to equal approximately three hours per credit each week. An equivalent amount of work is required for studio work, practicums, internships, and classes that do not meet on the semester schedule.

Course Changes

Additional: During the drop/add period each semester, a student may, upon obtaining approval from the Registrar, add a course to his schedule and register the change with the Records Office. A change of course fee will be charged.

Drops: To drop a course without receiving a failing grade, a student must acquire the approval of the Registrar and register the change with the Records Office by the end of the first four weeks of the semester. Courses dropped after this time will show a grade of “WF.” A drop fee will be charged.

Withdrawals: Anyone whose circumstances force him to withdraw from the College must have a withdrawal form properly executed by the Student Life Office.

If the withdrawal is deemed honorable and if all financial obligations have been met, the student’s permanent record will show an honorable withdrawal and grades of “W.” Unregistered withdrawals and other dishonorable withdrawals will show a dishonorable withdrawal and grades of “W.”

Course Cancellation: Any course with insufficient enrollment may be canceled.

Irregular Scheduling

Pensacola Christian College cannot schedule courses for the convenience of individual students who cannot or who do not take courses in their regular sequence.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress and Academic Appeals

To remain in good academic standing as they pursue thier degree, students are expected to maintain a 2.00 cumulative grade point average on a 4-point scale based solely on coursework taken at Pensacola Christian College. A student’s academic progress will be reviewed by the Registrar following each term. Appeal to Academic Suspension or Dismissal may be made in writing to the Academic Vice President. Those who fall below this level are subject to the following guidelines.

Academic Warning

A student who falls below a 2.00 cumulative grade point average may be placed on Academic Warning. This status is not recorded on the student’s permanent record. The student may register for a maximum load of 14 credit hours. The student will have two semesters to return to good academic standing.

Academic Probation

A student who remains on Academic Warning after two consecutive semesters may be placed on Academic Probation, which will be noted on the student’s permanent record. The student will be permitted to register for a maximum load of 12 credit hours and will have two semesters to return to good academic standing. If the student returns to good academic standing, he is removed from Academic Probation, and this is recorded in the student’s permanent record.

Academic Suspension

A student who remains on Academic Probation after two consecutive semesters may be subject to Academic Suspension for one semester, and this will be noted on the student’s permanent record. If the student desires to return to Pensacola Christian College, he must submit a written request to the Registrar who will determine a plan that may prepare the student to re-enroll.

Academic Dismissal

A student who returns from Academic Suspension may remain on Academic Probation and must achieve good academic standing by the end of the first semester after returning. The student who does not achieve a 2.00 cumulative grade point average at the end of the first semester back from Academic Suspension may be subject to Academic Dismissal, and this will be noted on the student’s permanent record.

Any student has the opportunity to contest matters that affect academic standing. If necessary, an Academic Appeals Committee will review facts related to the case and make a final determination. An Academic Appeals Committee is composed of at least three members including deans, department chairs, and Academic Vice President. The College Office maintains case records in the student’s file.

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Transcript of Records

Each student submitting a signed request will receive a copy of his permanent record at no charge. Additional copies sent to someone other than the student are also free of charge. Records Office will not issue any transcripts of a student’s record for any student whose account is not paid in full.

Privacy Policy

Although Pensacola Christian College does not accept state or federal financial aid, the institution voluntarily abides by the general guidelines of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) (20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) as they apply to the release of educational records. This privacy policy is extended to all enrolled students, whether taking courses on-site or through correspondence and distance learning.

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Transient Credit

Current students may not take courses from other institutions without advance approval from the Registrar. When taken to meet graduation requirements, these courses must meet current transfer requirements and must not be a course listed in bold print on a student’s checksheet. Students should submit a Transient Form and course/institution information for approval. Students who fail to follow procedures for work completed elsewhere may forfeit recognition of credit for this work. Students may take a maximum of 12 credits from another institution each summer.

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