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Career Opportunities

  • Composer
  • Performer
  • Arranger
  • Music director
  • Church music leader
  • Teacher

Bachelor of Arts Degree

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Commence your musical career by studying skilled musicianship

More than simply reading notes to produce sounds, a musician’s duty is to glorify God and minister to others through skilled interpretation and communication. Like telling a story, musicians must capture their audience’s attention and lead them through each song with meaning and purpose.

PCC’s music program gives students ample experience to practice and perform in solos and ensembles while studying under masterful musicians. While receiving the technical and artistic training necessary to broaden their repertoire and achieve their highest level of performance skills, students have numerous opportunities for platform experience in Vespers programs, major stage productions, ensembles that perform on campus and tour, recitals, and commencement contests.

Throughout the program, students are taught a Christ-centered philosophy of music. Since God is the Creator of music, students are motivated to glorify Him through an orderly, artistic, and beautiful repertoire. Along with advanced theory and composition classes, students gain experience in all areas of music through private and group instruction in strings, brass, percussion, piano, and voice. With this well-rounded education, graduates from the music program have many career opportunities in ministry, academics, and performance venues.

Graduate Perspective

“I studied under many excellent music teachers at PCC. Their clear explanations of concepts in theory, as well as their training in sight singing and dictation, have enabled me to better understand music. Through the years, they built on what I knew, instructing me further through lecture, demonstration, and practice until I was equipped to do what may have once seemed impossible. My private lesson teacher assisted me in polishing music for performance, improving my own arranging ability, and developing my skills on instruments other than my proficiency.” Marilyn S.
Music Teacher

Music Education: Major; Second Field (Voice, Piano,
or Instrument)

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Vocal Emphasis

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Instrumental Emphasis

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