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Important note regarding when courses are offered

Term notations of Pre-term, Fall, Interterm, Spring, Post-term, or Summer mean that the course is offered during that term every year. When a term notation is followed by odd or even, then the course is offered during that term only in odd or even years, respectively.

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation.

The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

MK 202 Professional Selling (3) This course acquaints the students with the basic principles and applications of the sales process as they relate to industrial, wholesale, and retail selling situations. The student will demonstrate prospecting and qualifying, planning and pre-approaching the customer, the sales presentation/ demonstration, handling objections, closing the sale, and post-sale service and follow up. The organization and management of sales programs and a sales force are also considered. Fall, Spring.

MK 204 Principles of Marketing (3) The fundamentals of the marketing mix and marketing environment are examined. The student will gain foundational knowledge of product concepts, pricing decisions, promotional techniques, and distribution strategies. Detailed study of market segmentation, target marketing, and the behavior of business customers will allow the students to make informed business decisions. Fall, Spring.

MK 307 Advertising (3) Prereq.: MK 204. The student will develop a deeper understanding of the promotional mix. The roles of and relationships between a variety of advertising media vehicles will be taught. Students will integrate marketing communication, the promotional mix, media planning, creative strategies, and campaign evaluation as they work in groups to plan and develop an advertising campaign. Strategic implications are stressed throughout the course. Fall.

MK 308 Retailing (3) An overview of retailing management concepts will be studied. Students will be able to assess the importance of retailing in an economy and demonstrate knowledge of the different types of retailing, various retailing strategies, ethical and legal aspects of retailing, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. Spring.

MK 401 Advertising Project (3) Prereq.: AR 218, 420, PW 301, and senior advertising/public relations concentration. Students prepare a visual advertising campaign, packaging, and point-of-purchase for a new product. Fall.

MK 402 Advertising Practicum (3) Prereq.: AR 218, 420, MK 202, PW 301, and senior advertising/public relations concentration. Students obtain actual field experience in the sales, design, and layout areas of advertising. Spring.

MK 404 Marketing Research (3) Prereq.: MK 204; and BA 322 or MA 326. This course presents effective marketing research aids for effective decision making. The role of marketing research in business is discussed while hypothesis development, sampling theory and methodology, research tool design, data collection decisions and methodology, and data analysis are learned. Analysis of research results using the SPSS statistical application package is emphasized. Fall.

MK 405 Marketing Management (3) Prereq.: Senior marketing concentration graduating December or May. The student will integrate strategic management and execution of the marketing management process within the marketing function. The student will make marketing management decisions by applying marketing principles to actual business situations through both individual and group casework. Spring.

MK 417 Internet Marketing (3) Prereq.: BA 217 and MK 204. The strategic use of the Internet as a communication medium and distribution channel will be explored in depth. An emphasis will be placed on developing the students’ understanding of the use of Internet-based marketing as an integrated part of a company’s overall marketing plan. Students will create a company’s overall marketing plan with specific application in formulating an overall competitive strategy, managing customer interaction, and assessing the success of an ongoing plan. Fall even.

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