Humanities Department

Division of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Denise McCollim
Dean of Arts and Sciences

THE PURPOSE OF THIS DIVISION is to provide a traditional liberal arts education that prepares students to function as Christian professionals in a variety of career settings in their chosen field of study.

This division comprises the engineering, humanities, natural sciences, and nursing departments of Pensacola Christian College, each of which offers undergraduate degrees. The nursing department also offers a graduate degree.

Mrs. Marie Thompson, Chair

The humanities department provides a foundation of a biblical, liberal arts education in English, history, political science, and modern languages. Programs offered by this department equip students to pursue a variety of occupations in fields such as government, journalism, law, business, and education.

All students study the fundamentals of English grammar and composition as the foundation of all their written communication, both in college studies and for life.

Survey courses in classical British and American literature acquaint students with great literary masterpieces, show trends in literature from various philosophies, and lay a foundation for upper-level literature courses.

History presents how God has worked in the affairs of men and how man has conducted himself since the Creation. This fascinating story also shows how to judge events and movements. All students take History of Civilization as a broad survey of all recorded history. Students study individual countries and major historical topics such as the Reformation, U.S. Constitution, nineteenth century Europe, and church history.

The humanities major provides the student with a broad range of foundational courses in the liberal arts. The student may then organize elective courses according to his own personal goals, interests, and needs.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Degree

English Major

The purpose of the English major is for students to glorify God as the Creator of language by displaying order, upholding standards, interpreting language scripturally, building discernment, and communicating effectively. Students majoring in English are prepared to enter the fields of law, journalism, education, publishing, and social sciences.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the English program will be able to

  • differentiate between the Christian-traditional view of language and the linguistic view of language;
  • critique trends in the English language from a traditional-Christian perspective;
  • analyze literature in light of the Bible, the meaning of the text, and the work’s historical and biographical context;
  • compose academic prose that is correct, organized, and effective; and
  • demonstrate skill in writing descriptions, narratives, and poetry.

History Major

The purpose of the history major is to offer a traditional liberal arts education that is characterized by a dedication to biblical truth, wisdom, and excellence with the purpose of equipping students with the record of God’s actions in the affairs of men and man’s response to the providential works of God. History majors are prepared to enter the fields of law, politics, journalism, education, religion, and social sciences.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the history program will be able to

  • apply a Christian perspective to the study of history;
  • organize major historical periods, ideas, people, and events;
  • evaluate historical knowledge and interpretations in terms of their origins and causal factors as well as their implications;
  • demonstrate the connections between the past and the present;
  • compose clear arguments in written and oral forms;
  • perform independent historical research with primary and secondary sources as appropriate; and
  • differentiate the establishment of the United States from that of other countries in terms of its founders, founding documents, and founding principles.

Humanities Major

The purpose of the humanities major is to give students a broad education in the arts and sciences to equip them with the knowledge and skills for a variety of opportunities and to prepare them to serve the Lord more fully.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the humanities program will be able to

  • analyze information from a variety of disciplines using a Christian worldview and
  • demonstrate writing skills in a variety of disciplines.


English, History, Political Science, Spanish, Writing

Missions Broad Fields

Professional Writing, Teaching English

Teaching Fields

English, History, Spanish