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Natural Sciences Department

Division of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Denise McCollim
Dean of Arts and Sciences

THE PURPOSE OF THIS DIVISION is to provide a traditional liberal arts education that prepares students to function as Christian professionals in a variety of career settings in their chosen field of study.

This division comprises the engineering, humanities, natural sciences, and nursing departments of Pensacola Christian College, each of which offers undergraduate degrees. The nursing department also offers a graduate degree.

Dr. Shane Smith, Chair

The natural sciences department teaches students the order and complexity of God’s creation as revealed in mathematics, the natural sciences of biology, chemistry, and physics. The professional preparation programs of pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy, and pre-physical therapy provide a broad background in science along with a foundation in liberal arts to prepare students for further study. Strong theoretical foundations are combined with practical applications, preparing the student for future opportunities.

The laws of mathematics and skill in solving mathematical problems is crucial to many fields and beneficial to all. Therefore, every student takes college algebra (or higher) as a general graduation requirement.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degree

Mathematics Major

The purpose of the mathematics major is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, problem-solving, and communication skills that will prepare them to succeed in either graduate school or in a variety of careers in business, industry, government, or teaching. Concurrently, the mathematics major will help students recognize mathematics as the language God used in establishing the physical laws of the universe.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the mathematics program will be able to

  • explain key concepts in the major areas of undergraduate mathematics,
  • apply established methods of problem solving in the major areas of undergraduate mathematics,
  • apply abstract reasoning to mathematical systems, and
  • communicate the nature of mathematics as the language of science and as a means of representing the natural laws that God established in Creation.

Mathematics Major

Natural Sciences Major

The purpose of the natural sciences major is to provide a strong background in science and to encompass a traditional, liberal arts education from a Christian perspective as well as to prepare students for admission to and successful completion of graduate studies in their chosen field.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the natural sciences program will be able to

  • apply their understanding of key concepts to solve problems in science and mathematics;
  • evaluate scientific data;
  • perform competently in basic skills of writing reports, communicating research ideas, and giving oral presentations;
  • evaluate scientific literature;
  • evaluate scientific investigation based on a supernatural creation of all things in six literal days approximately 6,000 years ago by the God of the Bible; and
  • articulate ethical standards based on a biblical foundation.