Marketing Concentration

Career Opportunities

  • Marketing Manager
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Sales
  • Brand Manager
  • Market Representative
  • Account Representative
  • Advertising Executive
  • Consultant
  • Media Buyer/Analyst

Bachelor of Science Degree, Business Major

See also Management

Connect companies and consumers

Today’s companies depend on insightful marketing strategies in order to succeed.  In a field that is both an art and a science, marketers seek to understand consumers’ needs and desires and then apply that knowledge to enhance a company’s products, image, and profits.  A skilled marketer combines intuition and creativity with a careful study of research and sales data, creating a relationship that will benefit both consumers and businesses.

PCC’s marketing program provides sound academic and Christian principles to prepare students for positions in this competitive area.  Through courses in accounting, e-business, professional selling, public relations, advertising, economics, marketing research, and marketing management, students receive a thorough knowledge base and the core skills necessary for the field or graduate study.

Students desiring to start their own business may consider broadening their education with a double major in marketing and management to prepare for the business world’s exciting challenges.

Graduate Perspective

My degree in marketing with a minor in finance prepared me for many realms of my current position, from thinking like a consumer, to ways of setting myself apart from the competition, to analyzing portfolios, and so much more. As a Christian, I was also prepared because PCC teaches business from a biblical perspective.

  —Josie H. (’02 grad) Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch (Frederick, MD); MA in Management and Leadership: Liberty University

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