Biology Concentration

for Secondary Education

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Bachelor of Science Degree, Secondary Education Major

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The need for Christians in science is great, as choices concerning health, environmental, and ethical standards all rest upon scientists’ philosophy of life and its origin. Combining rigorous study and biblical principles, the biology program at PCC prepares students to further the field while defending their faith. With ample laboratory research time, PCC’s program introduces future teachers to biological systems and processes, providing them knowledge of biology at environmental, cellular, and molecular levels.

Graduate Perspective

Coming from a high school where evolutionary beliefs were tolerated, I was stunned when I came to PCC and was taught about the vital importance of the biblical origin of life. The intelligence and integrity with which my Biology teachers gave me a solid education, and the passion and sincerity with which they opened my eyes to the complexity of the human body systems, the intricate design of the cell, and the beautiful mathematical orders in nature, have inspired me to continue my education in Biological research and to share that knowledge with young people, along with the absolute truth of God’s Word concerning the origin of life.

  —Phoibe R. (’11 grad)

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