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Career Opportunities

  • Christian School Teacher
  • Nursery or Kindergarten Administrator
  • Missions
  • Homeschool
  • Church Ministry

Bachelor of Science Degree, Elementary
Education Major

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Give Young Children a Strong Foundation

Those who plan to work exclusively with children second grade and under may wish to choose the early childhood concentration of the elementary education major. With an emphasis on working with nursery, preschool, and lower elementary children, students experience superb training which culminates in a valuable internship at Pensacola Christian Academy.

Observing and working with the experienced teachers at the Rawson Nursery and Pensacola Christian Academy, early childhood education students prepare to teach knowledge, character, and skills to even the youngest children. Students also learn how to start and administer a nursery, daycare, or preschool.

PCC’s education graduates are effective, caring teachers with a heart for training the next generation.

Graduate Perspective

PCC prepared me by having teaching classes that taught me how to be a prepared and organized teacher. Student teaching at the Academy was an excellent opportunity to learn from seasoned teachers while still having the opportunity to compare experiences with the other student teaching peers.

The internship helped prepare me by allowing me to get in an actual classroom and see how things were done. All children are not the same, and they don’t all behave and react the same way. It was the perfect opportunity to see how seasoned teachers handled situations with different children. I also had the opportunity to try those very same things myself and could talk to those same teachers for advice.

  —Kelli F. (’96 grad) K-4 Teacher,
   Crosspointe Christian Academy
   (Indianapolis, IN)

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