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Performing Arts Department

Division of Visual & Performing Arts

Dr. Amy Bombard,
Dean of Visual and Performing Arts

THE PURPOSE OF THIS DIVISION is to equip students to share Christ through the visual arts, music, or dramatic performance. Built upon a biblical foundation of the arts, this division trains students to be proficient in their creative discipline.

This division comprises the visual arts and performing arts departments of Pensacola Christian College, both of which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Dr. Amy Bombard, Chair

The performing arts department provides opportunities for students to learn how to communicate effectively through music and dramatic performance. Practical, biblically integrated programs prepare students for both graduate school and job opportunities in Christian organizations and secular businesses. Speech training enhances any area of study by developing responsible oral communication skills and increasing one’s overall possibility of success. Therefore, all students take at least one semester of speech.

The music major equips students with a comprehensive approach to technique, musicianship, and communication to honor the Lord through music.

The performance studies major trains students to effectively communicate with an audience as a Christian performer.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Music Major

The purpose of the music major is to equip students with a comprehensive approach to technique, musicianship, and communication to honor the Lord through music.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the music program will be able to

  1. articulate a Christian-traditional philosophy of music;
  2. produce public music performances showing advanced proficiency;
  3. demonstrate a working knowledge of harmonic principles, compositional techniques, and aural skills;
  4. employ pedagogical techniques for music students of various levels;
  5. integrate current music technology and computer applications in various settings; and
  6. communicate concisely and effectively about music in oral and written formats.

Music Major with Instrumental, Keyboard, and Vocal Emphases

Performance Studies Major

The purpose of the performance studies major is to develop Christian performers who effectively communicate with an audience.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the performance studies program will be able to

  • articulate a biblical worldview of dramatic performance;
  • incorporate credible research and analysis in platform presentations;
  • interpret poetry, prose, and dramatic literature, communicating an intellectual and emotional understanding of the text;
  • create vivid characterizations with textual integrity;
  • communicate narrative elements, reflecting emotional sensitivity;
  • display a working knowledge of nonverbal communication;
  • use proper vocal technique in platform performance; and
  • stage platform presentations which are aesthetically pleasing.

Students are taught from a traditional philosophy which balances the theory and technique of the discipline with practical application. Special emphasis is given to training the performer to meet the artistic needs of Christian ministries and to develop God-honoring servant-leaders who will exhibit a Christ-centered focus in their professional and personal lives.

Performance Studies Major


Music, Performance Studies

Missions Broad Fields

Music, Speech

Teaching Fields

Music, Speech

Youth Ministries Emphasis

Church Music, Speech

Graduate Degrees