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Visual Arts Department

Division of Visual & Performing Arts

Dr. Amy Bombard,
Dean of Visual and Performing Arts

THE PURPOSE OF THIS DIVISION is to equip students to share Christ through the visual arts, music, or dramatic performance. Built upon a biblical foundation of the arts, this division trains students to be proficient in their creative discipline and excellent in their techniques.

This division comprises the visual arts and performing arts departments of Pensacola Christian College, both of which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Mr. Shawn Thayer, Chair

The visual arts department provides opportunities for students to learn how to enhance human communication through professional workmanship and the application of biblical principles in their art. With an emphasis on traditional principles of art and design, students gain knowledge and skill in both studio art and graphic design disciplines. Practical, biblically integrated programs prepare students to be Christ-honoring artists in graduate school, in the workforce, or in ministry.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degree

Visual Arts Major

The purpose of the visual arts major is to produce Christian artists who effectively communicate through art and design.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the visual arts program will be able to

  • articulate a distinctly Christian-traditional philosophy of art;
  • recognize historical trends in artistic theory and practice;
  • demonstrate technical proficiency in the use of appropriate creative media and technology in their chosen field of art and design;
  • create visual works that communicate a clear message based on traditional design principles;
  • solve creative problems in the fields of art and design using traditional processes of research, development, and execution; and
  • exhibit professional skills and behaviors necessary to compete in their chosen field of art and design.



Advertising, Art, Digital Media, Graphic Design

Missions Broad Fields

Art, Graphic Design, Digital Media

Second Teaching Field


Youth Ministries Emphasis

Digital Media

Graduate Degrees