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Andrea Witkoski

Enrollment Advisor

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  • Hometown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Year graduated 2018
  • Major Legal Office Systems
  • Favorite place on campus Commons was really great—it was always busy and exciting!
  • Favorite Bible versePsalm 34:18—“The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit.”
  • Hobbies/interestsSinging, playing the piano, and anything that involves decorating.
  • Sports I like to playBaseball
  • Advice for future studentsYou can accomplish so much if you just remember to trust in God!
  • Favorite class in collegeMachine Transcription for the Legal Office
  • I spend my free timeeither practicing piano or reading a new book.
  • Favorite PCC traditionChristmas Lights
  • Favorite quotation “If speaking is silver, then listening is gold.”—Turkish Proverb
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spotDisney World
  • Things I can’t live withoutMy piano!
  • Fun fact I used to be a dental assistant.

Angelika Wilson

Enrollment Advisor

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  • Hometown Fairfax, Virginia
  • Year graduated 2016 Undergraduate, 2018 Graduate
  • Major Elementary Education, Master of Educational Leadership
  • Favorite food Chicken Alfredo
  • Favorite place on campus Common Grounds—I love coffee!
  • Favorite Bible verseProverbs 3:5–6—“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”
  • Hobbies/interestsDecorating and sports
  • Sports I like to playBasketball and volleyball
  • What attracted me to PCCThe elementary education degree and the price were the two things that first attracted me to PCC. While touring the campus my junior year of high school, I saw the kind and helpful atmosphere that the students and teachers had to each other and guests on campus.
  • Advice for future studentsTake advantage of the many opportunities to get involved and make friends, and never give up on the plan God has for your life.
  • One person I would like to meet and whyRuth; she was willing to go to a place she had never been with people she had never met in order to follow the true God.
  • Favorite class in collegeInterpersonal Relationships
  • Best PCC memoryThe night of the first Missions Run when the majority of the campus all gathered together to “run” a 5K in order to send money to missionaries.
  • I spend my free timewith my friends and family or working out.
  • Most unique places I’ve traveledHawaii
  • People would be surprised to know that I…have lived in eight different places because both of my parents were in the military.
  • Favorite PCC traditionChristmas Lights
  • Favorite quotation “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” —Winston S. Churchill
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spotItaly
  • Things I can’t live withoutGod, family, friends, coffee, and my cell phone
  • Fun fact I have never used the water park or Swim Center at PCC even though I have been here for six years.

Cory Myers

Enrollment Advisor

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  • Hometown Pecatonica, Illinois
  • Year graduated 2014 Undergraduate, 2017 Graduate
  • Major Pre-Physical Therapy, Master of Business Administration
  • Favorite food Kraft Macaroni and Cheese
  • Favorite place on campus East Field—that’s where I played most of my soccer games.
  • Favorite Bible verseII Timothy 3:15—“And that from a child thou hast know the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.”
  • Hobbies/interestsCollecting comic books
  • Sports I like to playSoccer, basketball, baseball
  • What attracted me to PCCThe price and the Christian atmosphere
  • Advice for future studentsGet involved early and often. Join a sports team, get to know your collegian—they could become some of your best friends.
  • One person I would like to meet and whyLewis and Clarke—it is one of my dreams to explore a place that has never been explored.
  • Favorite class in collegeAnatomy and Physiology—the way God designed every part of the body to work together perfectly is amazing.
  • Best PCC memoryThere were so many, but the first fine arts I went to with my future wife, on Valentine’s Day my sophomore year
  • I spend my free timeplaying basketball, playing with my baby, or hanging out with friends.
  • Most unique places I’ve traveledIvory Coast, West Africa
  • People would be surprised to know that I…have never broken a bone in my body.
  • Favorite PCC traditionGreek Rush!
  • Favorite quotation “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”—Benjamin Franklin.
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spotDisney in Orlando, Florida
  • Fun fact I had chicken pox twice.
  • Things I can’t live withoutGod, my wife, and my son

I decided to go to PCC my senior year of high school. I really never even thought about college before then. I had heard about PCC many times since my sister graduated from PCC and my brother attended for one year. I told myself early on that I was not going to stay for all four years, but God had other plans. I also told myself that I would not get my master’s from PCC, but once again God had other plans for me. Seven years later, I have both an undergraduate degree (Pre-physical Therapy) and a master’s (Business Administration) from PCC.

While my plans were different than God’s, I would not change any aspect of how my life turned out. I met my wife through PCC and many of my closest friends. I am happy for the opportunity to be an enrollment adviser to help prospective students to find the plan that God has for their lives. I look forward to helping each student brought my way to apply to PCC.

Holly Goff

Enrollment Advisor

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  • Hometown DeFuniak Springs, Florida
  • Year graduated 2018
  • Major Youth Ministry, Speech Emphasis
  • Favorite food Chocolate-covered espresso beans
  • Favorite place on campus Eagle Field—I loved walking the track!
  • Favorite Bible verseJohn 14:27—“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
  • Hobbies/interestsHair styling and coffee connoisseuring
  • Sports I like to playVolleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis
  • What attracted me to PCCQuality education, high standards, and affordability
  • Advice for future studentsMake many acquaintances during college and always be friendly, but only sustain a few close, godly friendships.
  • One person I would like to meet and whyBob Hope—he had such contagious, comedic energy!
  • Favorite class in collegePrinciples of Marketing
  • Best PCC memoryActing in various performances
  • I spend my free timeexploring scenic downtown Pensacola with good friends and a cup of coffee.
  • Most unique places I’ve traveledSabanagrande, Honduras
  • People would be surprised to know that I…grew up on a relaxed cattle farm here in Florida.
  • Favorite PCC traditionThe Missions Run!
  • Favorite quotation We are all the same in Christ, yet uniquely different; therefore I say “In a world of 3 x 5 cards, be a 5 x 3 card and stand tall.”
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spotCayman Islands
  • Things I can’t live withoutBible, coffee, nail polish
  • Fun factI worked as an enrollment agent at Abeka for four years.

Jaykano Cooper

Enrollment Advisor

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  • Hometown Nassau, Bahamas
  • Year graduated 2011 Undergraduate, 2014 and 2017 Graduate
  • Major 2011 Marketing Undergrad, 2014 Master of Business Administration, and 2017 Bible Exposition
  • Favorite food Jerk Chicken
  • Favorite place on campus The Field House—because competitive ballers are always in there
  • Favorite Bible verseIsaiah 40:31—“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”
  • Hobbies/interestsBike riding
  • Sports I like to playBasketball, but to be honest, volleyball is much more fun
  • What attracted me to PCCI believe God was leading me here during a time in my life when I was desperately searching for truth.
  • Advice for future studentsWe are all different. Don’t try to be anyone other than who God created you to be.
  • One person I would like to meet and whyUsain Bolt
  • Favorite class in collegeBusiness Ethics with Dr. Cirone
  • I spend my free timewatching NBA highlights or playing classic Pac-Man
  • Most unique places I’ve traveledSan Salvador, Bahamas
  • People would be surprised to know that I…fell from a coconut tree and broke my leg
  • Favorite PCC traditionEagle Mania
  • Favorite quotation “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot lose.”—Jim Elliot
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spotDisney’s Animal Kingdom
  • Fun fact I won my first and only boxing match at the age of 10
  • Things I can’t live withoutmy quiet time with the Lord

I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas. I learned about PCC from my mother who had visited multiple Teachers’ Clinics on campus. I decided to apply because I knew there was so much more for me to learn, but I didn’t come to PCC until the age of 22. Before that point, the idea of attending college didn’t seem to be possible. I struggled in high school and I had limited finances. But God made it all possible.

While at PCC, I enjoyed playing collegian basketball, and each Saturday I volunteered to help in a neighborhood Bible club for young teens and children. After my undergraduate graduation, I stayed for a master’s degree and met my wife Sarah!

It’s a pleasure being an enrollment advisor. I look forward to helping students take the next step in serving Christ in their chosen field. If you have any questions about PCC, please contact me—I’m more than happy to help!

Joselyn Dick

Enrollment Advisor

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  • Hometown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Year graduated 2018
  • Major Medical Office Systems
  • Favorite food Mexican
  • Favorite place on campus Common Grounds—I loved sitting upstairs by a window drinking coffee and doing homework.
  • Favorite Bible verseHebrews 13:8—“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.”
  • Hobbies/interestsPlaying sports, listening to music, and exploring the outdoors.
  • Sports I like to playVolleyball and basketball
  • What attracted me to PCCAccreditation and the Christian atmosphere
  • Advice for future studentsNever stop meeting new people. Drink a ton of coffee. Read your Bible and pray every day. Eat the chicken tenders. Be yourself.
  • One person I would like to meet and whyElisabeth Elliot. I would like to meet her, because of the influence her testimony had on my life.
  • Favorite class in collegeInterpersonal Relationships
  • Best PCC memorySenior year when my roommates surprised me with a birthday party by the ocean with cupcakes.
  • I spend my free timeworking out, hanging out with friends, trying new foods and places.
  • Most unique places I’ve traveledMount Rainier
  • People would be surprised to know that I…after watching an Abeka video about salvation when I was five, I asked the Lord into my heart.
  • Favorite PCC traditionChristmas Lights
  • Favorite quotation “Wherever you are, be all there.”—Jim Elliot
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spotEurope
  • Things I can’t live withoutGod, family, friends, coffee, chocolate, cats, sleep.
  • Fun fact I am a big Oklahoma City Thunder fan.

Laura Gibbs

Enrollment Advisor

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  • HometownMillington, MI
  • Year graduatedSpring of 2018
  • Major I had a double major in Legal Office Administration and Medical Office Administration
  • Favorite foodChocolate
  • Favorite place on campus The Common Grounds. I love drinking coffee and playing games or just having some quality time with my friends.
  • Favorite Bible verse Psalm 5:3—“My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.”
  • Hobbies/interestsI enjoy the outdoors. I have always loved camping and hiking, and it's always fun to find new places to explore.
  • Sports I like to playSoccer and volleyball
  • What attracted me to PCCI was attracted to PCC because it not only had a strong Christian foundation but it also offered an exceptional educational experience.
  • Advice for future studentsGet involved! Of course you are here to earn a degree, but the friends you make and the experiences you have will stay with you for the rest of your life. Don't be afraid to try new things and meet new people.
  • One person I would like to meet and whyI would love to meet Ronald Reagan. I have always admired his leadership skills, and I think it would be really cool to have a chat with him.
  • Favorite class in collegeMedical Transcription
  • Best PCC memoryGoing to a hockey game on a student outing. It was so much fun!
  • I spend my free timeGoing to the beach, shopping, exploring new places, and spending time with friends.
  • Most unique places I’ve traveledIreland
  • People would be surprised to know that I…have a big family. I have seven brothers and sisters!
  • Favorite PCC tradition Christmas lights!
  • Favorite quotation True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spot Camping by Lake Superior
  • Things I can’t live withoutCoffee and food!
  • Fun fact In addition to having seven brothers and sisters, I have 42 first cousins on my dad’s side of the family. We all live in the same area so holidays are crazy!

Ryan Kennard

Enrollment Advisor

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  • HometownBradenton, Florida
  • Year graduated 2015 Undergraduate, 2018 Graduate
  • Major 2015 History Education Undergrad, 2018 Master of Business Administration Grad
  • Favorite foodBurgers
  • Favorite place on campus and reason why:My favorite place on campus is Eagle Field. I am the Goalkeeper Coach for the Eagles, and Eagle Field is where the Eagles soccer team trains and plays throughout the year.
  • Favorite Bible verse Philippians 4:13—“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
  • Hobbies/interestsWatching sports and collecting sports memorabilia.
  • Sports I like to playSoccer, basketball, baseball, football, volleyball…all sports. Soccer is my favorite sport to play.
  • What attracted me to PCCI heard about PCC from friends that attended the college. I visited PCC my senior year of high school and that solidified that God was calling me to attend PCC.
  • Advice for future students: The importance of prayer life cannot be emphasized enough. God can provide awesome opportunities for you, but you need to consistently go to Him for everything. We need His strength to fulfill His calling for our lives.
  • One person I would like to meet and why: I would like to meet Peyton Manning one day. He is my all-time favorite athlete.
  • Favorite class in college: Strategic Organizational Leadership
  • Best PCC memoryWhen I met my future wife for the first time.
  • I spend my free timewatching soccer.
  • Most unique place I’ve traveledAlberta, Canada
  • People would be surprised to know that I…can do imitations of several famous people.
  • Favorite PCC traditionEagle Mania
  • Favorite quotation:“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” —Abraham Lincoln
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spot:Orlando, Florida
  • Things I can’t live without:God, my wife, and my family.
  • Fun fact about myself:I have collected 800 Peyton Manning sports cards.

I wanted to attend PCC since I was in the early years of my high school career. My family and I prayed about my decision to attend PCC, and I applied to the college my senior year of high school. I met my future wife at PCC and completed two degrees while attending. While in my first year of my master's degree, I became an Assistant Coach with the Eagles soccer team, and God has blessed me over the past few years by allowing me to have my dream job of coaching soccer.

I am excited for the opportunity to also be an enrollment advisor to help prospective students take the next step of serving Christ in their field of study. If you have any questions about PCC, I am more than happy to help.

Sarah Harper

Enrollment Advisor

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Call Sarah: 1-800-722-4636, ext. 113

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  • HometownBecause my dad was in the Air Force, I moved every three–four years. However, Fairbanks, Alaska was my favorite!
  • Year graduated 2017
  • Major Legal Office Administration
  • Favorite foodItalian
  • Favorite place on campus and reason why:The Palms Grille—I love yummy food!
  • Favorite Bible verse Psalm 27:1—“The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?”
  • Hobbies/interestsSpending time with family and friends, playing piano, and spending time with my amazing dog!
  • Sports I like to playI enjoy playing tennis with friends.
  • What attracted me to PCCThe main draw was when my brother who graduated from PCC told me about the Legal Office Administration degree. It was the perfect combination of office training and my love for law. Also, the safe and encouraging environment was a huge benefit.
  • One person I would like to meet and why: Johnny Pope. He is a regular evangelist that comes to PCC to speak, and he is one on my favorite preachers. His energy is so contagious that I think it would be a great experience to meet him.
  • Favorite class in college: Interpersonal Relationships
  • Best PCC memoryMy 21st birthday. A group of my friends surprised me and took me to a local park for pizza, s’mores, and watching the sunset on the pier.
  • I spend my free timeMaking memories with my friends and family that usually includes cooking/eating food and exploring Pensacola.
  • Most unique place I’ve traveledJapan—My family and I lived there for three years.
  • People would be surprised to know that I…I shattered my elbow when I was 15 while I was sledding down Haystack Mountain in Alaska with my church youth group.
  • Favorite PCC traditionthe annual Christmas Lights production!
  • Favorite quotation:“Better in the trial with Jesus, than out of the trial without him.” —George Griffis
  • Ideal/favorite vacation spot:Anywhere with mountains and lakes
  • Things I can’t live without:Coffee, chocolate, and my dog!
  • Fun fact about myself:I have moved seven times and have lived in two countries.

I grew up in a Christian home as an Air Force brat. My family is my world, and my parents are two of my most favorite people. I have two brothers (one older and one younger). My amazing dog Molly is also very much a part of my family. Since I moved often growing up, I quickly learned to be flexible and how to adjust to different people and perspectives. It’s true that the people make the place, and God has blessed me with wonderful friends everywhere I’ve been.

When I came to PCC, my sole purpose was getting my degree. I didn’t take my spiritual growth very seriously or even consult God for what He would have me do. However, through my four years of college, God has changed my heart on so many things. He used my classes, friends, and the awesome preachers that I was constantly exposed to, to grow me, which I am so thankful for.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be an enrollment advisor here at PCC! I love hearing new students’ unique and personal stories, and helping them to learn just what PCC is all about and how it could be a great fit for them