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Interactive Campus Map

PCC’s campus blends modern facilities with traditional values. Since its inception in 1974, the campus has developed steadily and now contains more than 20 major buildings on 149 acres. The facilities include over 2,700,000 square feet of public buildings, including residence halls, in addition to over 400,000 square feet of ancillary facilities.

Move the mouse over a building to see a picture of the building and a brief description.

Campus Map Standby Generation Facility II Skywalk Rand House A Beka Building Tennis Courts Administration Building Welcome Center Parking Garage (women) Skywalk Rawson Chapel/Fellowhip Hall Rawson Center Parking Lot (men) Standby Generation Facility Academic Center Library Dixon Tower Lyceum Graf Clinic Bradley Tower Commons Varsity Campus House Griffith Tower Field House Young Tower Swim Center Four Winds Sports Center Campanile Dale Horton Auditorium Visual and Performing Arts Radio/Video Studios College Field East Campus Crowne Centre MacKenzie Building Planetarium Ballard Hall Coberly Hall

  1. Welcome Center
  2. Crowne Centre (Campus Church)
  3. MacKenzie Great Hall
  4. MacKenzie Building
  5. Planetarium
  6. Dale Horton Auditorium
  7. Visual and Performing Arts
  8. Radio/Video Studios
  9. Parking Garage (women)
  10. A Beka Building
  11. College Field
  12. Griffith Tower (women)
  13. Campanile
  14. Dixon Tower (women)
  15. Bradley Tower (women)
  16. Graf Clinic
  17. Coberly Hall (men)
  18. Ballard Hall (men)
  19. Rebekah Horton Library
  20. Academic Center
  1. Administration Building (Info Desk)
  2. Commons (Campus Store, The Palms Grille, Post Office)
  3. Varsity (dining hall)
  4. Standby Generator Facility
  5. Swim Center
  6. Field House
  7. Lyceum
  8. Tennis Courts
  9. Four Winds (dining hall)
  10. Sports Center
  11. Rand House
  12. Young Tower (men)
  13. Skywalk
  14. Skywalk
  15. Rawson Chapel/Fellowship Hall
  16. Rawson Center
  17. Parking (men)
  18. East Campus (men’s playing fields)
  19. Campus House
  20. Standby Generator Facility II

The A Beka Building houses the customer service and sales division of A Beka Book and A Beka Academy.

Administration Building

The Administration Building houses on four floors the College, Business, and Executive Offices, as well as the Information Desk.


The Academic Center houses quality lab facilities, faculty offices, classrooms of varying sizes, and a 264-seat Lyceum.


The Rebekah Horton Library is designed to hold a collection of up to a half-million volumes and provide seating for more than 1,000.

Dixon Tower

Dixon Tower is a residence hall for women. Each room is completely carpeted and air-conditioned with private or adjoining bath.

Graf Clinic

The Graf Clinic, designed as a walk-in clinic, serves the health needs of PCC residence hall students.

Bradley Tower

Bradley Tower is a residence hall for women. Each room is completely carpeted and air-conditioned with private or adjoining bath.

Commons Exterior

The Commons houses the Campus Store, the Palms Grille, games, ATMs, seating, and post office boxes.


The Varsity dining hall offers a daily menu of pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers.

Campus House

Campus House features 28 rooms decorated with warm personal touches.


East Campus lighted outdoor recreational complex.

Griffith Tower

Griffith Tower is a residence hall for women. Each room is completely carpeted and air-conditioned with private or adjoining bath.

Field House weight room

The Field House provides facilities for the physical education department and for recreation purposes, including professionally equipped weightlifting and gymnastics rooms.

Young Tower

Young Tower is a residence hall for men. Its features include air-conditioning, carpet, and being near the Sports Center.

Swim Center

The Swim Center provides a variety of water sports with six regulation-size swim lanes and a three-board diving area.

Four Winds interior

The Four Winds dining room provides food-court style dining with more than 2,300 total seats and seven different food lines.

Sports Center

The Sports Center houses modern athletic and sports facilities on two levels, including weight rooms, ice rink, and bowling lanes.


The Campanile serves as a continual reminder to “redeem the time” with its lovely sounds from 43 bronze bells.

Dale Horton Auditorium Main Floor

The Dale Horton Auditorium is one of the largest performing arts auditoriums in the Southeast with a seating capacity of 3,500.

Visual and Performing Arts exterior

The Visual and Performing Arts building provides facilities for teaching, practicing, and performing for music, speech, and art courses.

WPCC Studio

The Radio/Video Studios, home to the weekly Rejoice in the Lord national telecast and the Rejoice Broadcast Network, are housed in the Visual and Performing Arts building.

College Field

College Field is home to many collegian sports activities, including the Turkey Bowl championship soccer game.

Crowne Centre exterior

The Crowne Centre is a state-of-the-art facility used for college chapel, Campus Church services, and other occasions.

Mackenzie Building exterior

The MacKenzie Building is a multipurpose educational facility, housing classrooms for English, speech, and Bible, and the large Great Hall.

Commons Exterior

The Planetarium offers several different shows displaying the wondrous glory of the heavens above.

Ballard Hall

Ballard Hall is a residence hall for men. Each room is completely carpeted and air-conditioned with private or adjoining bath.

Coberly Hall

Coberly Hall is a residence hall for men. Each room is completely carpeted and air-conditioned with private or adjoining bath.

Sports Center

The Sports Center’s newest addition of more than 78,000 square feet features 40 ft. and 60 ft. rock climbing walls with 22 ft. and 32 ft. rappelling ledges, plus a 12 ft. climbing boulder. Indoor water activities include a water park with 3 water slides and Double FlowRider® surfing wave. In-line skating rink, racquetball courts, fitness rooms, and sundeck for women students provide exercise and recreation opportunities in a unique tropical setting.