Each semester, PCC organizes off-campus outings to some of Alabama’s and Northwest Florida’s many attractions. Groups of 150 to 300 students travel by bus to locations where they enjoy activities as well as food, games, and fellowship. These casual, chaperoned outings offer a time for students to relax and have some fun together.

Student Outings

Student outings allow groups of friends to spend the day together participating in a number of planned activities that include watching a dolphin show, enjoying amusement park activities, and attending an oceanside Blue Wahoos baseball game.

Collegian Outings

Collegian outings are pre-planned by collegian presidents for members only. These “stag outings” include laser tag, paintball, go-carting, indoor rock climbing, and cruising through the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

After the fun and games, students enjoy a buffet at a local restaurant or a catered picnic outside in Florida's warm sunshine. Participating in one of PCC’s outings gives students the opportunity to make memories and meet new people.