Event dates for 2017 will be announced Dec. 8.

Online application will be available mid February.
Dates are subject to change.


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Note From the President

As a teacher or administrator, you are the catalyst in a chain reaction. The better you are at your job, the more successful your students will be.

At Summer Seminar, come build upon what you already know and take your skills to a higher level. You will get in-depth training on materials and methods and learn practical skills you can use every day in your school and classroom.

You will hear from teachers and administrators who will teach you the methods that have worked exceptionally at Pensacola Christian Academy for over 60 years.

You will be learning alongside other teachers and administrators from across the country. Share goals with them, discuss ideas, and build on each other’s experiences and knowledge.

Troy A. Shoemaker, Ed.D.


  • Take a break from your busy routine to relax and grow.
  • Learn how to better lead your classroom or school:
    • Strengthen your communication.
    • Improve your time management.
    • Manage your resources more effectively.
  • Learn how to use modern technology with traditional education.
  • Watch sample classroom demonstrations.
  • Purchase materials for your school at the A Beka Book book sale.
  • Network with other Christian educators.
  • Get encouragement to continue making a difference for Christ.


Seminar speakers are skilled professionals with years of experience on Pensacola Christian’s faculty and staff. Their invaluable knowledge, proven techniques, and helpful tips could be just what your Christian school has been looking for.

Dr. Arlin R. Horton & Bekah Horton


Dr. and Mrs. Arlin Horton, outstanding leaders in the Christian school movement since 1954, have helped thousands of Christian school administrators and teachers across America by sharing organizational and educational principles based on God’s Word. Their dedicated leadership and love for educating young people have combined to make A Beka Book America’s leading producer of Christian textbooks.

Dr. Arlin Horton Founder
Dr. Beka Horton Cofounder
Pensacola Christian College
Pensacola Christian Academy
A Beka Book

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