About PCC

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PCC’s objectives relate to the purpose and central theme of educating the Christian to make his life distinctively Christian. In general, the student will be

  • academically and intellectually competent in his chosen field of study
  • knowledgeable of the Bible
  • capable of rightly dividing the Word and truth of God
  • equipped to take the gospel message to the world through a testimony in character and example

It is the goal of PCC that each student will meet the following learning outcomes:

Spiritual: From classes, chapel, and church services, the student will

  • acquire knowledge of the Bible in line with the Articles of Faith
  • be able to share Christ with others and the world
  • understand biblical teaching regarding the God-ordained ­institutions of the home, church, and government
  • apply the principles, truths, and values of God's Word in his chosen field and daily life

Intellectual: Through instruction and practical training from a biblical worldview, the student will

  • possess a general education in the arts and sciences
  • demonstrate college-level knowledge in his chosen field
  • apply knowledge in practical experiences
  • be prepared to pursue further graduate or professional studies

Moral: Through a variety of ministry outlets, the student will

  • exhibit a sensitivity to the spiritual needs of the world
  • display Christian character

Cultural and Social: With a wide range of scheduled events—required and optional—the student will

  • cultivate an appreciation of fine arts and social skills which enrich life
  • commit to the Christian way of life
  • demonstrate courtesy and kindness
  • serve the needs of others.