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At PCC we’ve chosen to provide not only an excellent Christian college education, but also one that is surprisingly affordable. Every student enrolled at PCC receives an automatic financial benefit of several thousand dollars. In fact, nearly 75% of PCC alumni graduate with a bachelor’s degree without debt, while nearly 75% of college grads across the nation graduate with debt. This is possible because of our low tuition, room & board, and the financial assistance available to qualified residence hall students through scholarships, the Work Assistance Program, and loans. Pensacola Christian College does not accept Federal or state funds or government-funded state loans.

How does PCC compare?

Compared to the average cost of four other institutions, the four-year cost of PCC is over $10,000 less, without receiving any federal government grants on which other institutions rely. PCC students needing additional financial assistance may apply for A Beka Foundation loans of up to $4,000 a year.

PCC’s Student Worker Program employs approximately 2,100 students each school year, who work an average of 11.4 hours per week earning approximately $2,531 per year, or $10,125 over 4 years.

Financial Cost Comparison

  PCC Northland Maranatha Bob Jones Clearwater
Tuition $4,686 $12,290 $11,980 $12,820 $17,060
Room & Board $3,596 5,990 6,480 5,790 8,300
Annual Tuition, Room & Board $8,282 $18,280 $18,460 $18,610 $25,360
Average Grant or
Scholarship Aid1
N/A -8,570 -5,077 -7,422 -9,041
Annual Cost after Grants and Scholarships $8,282 $9,710 $13,383 $11,188 $16,319
  x         3 x         3 x         3 x         3 x         3
Cost for 3 Years $24,846 $29,130 $40,149 $33,564 $48,957
Additional 4th Year Cost Free2 $9,710 $13,383 $11,188 $16,319
Total Cost for 4 Years $24,846 $38,840 $53,532 $44,752 $65,276

1Includes federal grants for full-time beginning undergraduate students awarded to the institution under the federal government student aid program during the 2010–11 school year as reported on the U.S. Department of Education website.

2New freshman students enrolling in the One-Year-Free at PCC Offer may receive their senior year’s tuition, room and board for free. This program is available through the contributions of A Beka Book®.


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