Withdrawal Policies

After a student has enrolled, any action, voluntary or involuntary, that would cause him to leave before the end of the semester will be considered a withdrawal.

To withdraw with official approval, a student must have a withdrawal form properly executed by the Student Life Office.

A student is entitled to a full refund of tuition prior to commencement of instruction. A student whose withdrawal is officially approved and whose departure is before the end of the first three weeks of the semester owes the semester’s tuition according to the following schedule:

During first week—25% tuition

  • Fall Aug. 29–Sept. 4, 2017
  • Spring Jan. 23–29, 2018

During second week—50% tuition

  • Fall Sept. 5–11, 2017
  • Spring Jan. 30–Feb. 5, 2018

During third week—75% tuition

  • Fall Sept. 12–18, 2017
  • Spring Feb. 6–12, 2018

After three weeks—100% tuition

  • Fall after Sept. 18, 2017
  • Spring after Feb. 12, 2018

A student also owes fees and room and board (if a residence hall student) at a prorated amount based on the length of his stay.

Whenever a student’s status is changed to “withdrawn” and the student owes money to the College, the money is due upon withdrawal. Interest of one percent per month (12 percent APR) will be charged on the unpaid balance beginning 30 days after the withdrawal until the debt is paid in full.

Should a student leave the College for any reason after having paid more than the amounts outlined above, a refund is made to him for any overpayment; but no refund is made to a student for any other reason. No refunds are issued on a student’s account until after the third week of the college semester.

For a student to withdraw from a class or change his major, he must obtain written permission from the Registrar. Students owe tuition and fees based on the number of hours registered for and the declared major as stated in the Records Office at the end of the drop/add period.

When a student is accepted for the fall semester, he is expected to remain a student at the College for both the fall and spring semesters of that academic year. The student’s reservation is automatically carried over from the fall semester to the spring semester within a given school year. Therefore, if a student withdraws at the end of the fall semester, he must notify the administration in writing.