Work Assistance Program

Can I Really Work My Way through College?

Wondering if you’ll be able to handle a job and classes, too? What about getting involved in social activities? With a variety of campus opportunities and class scheduling designed with you in mind, you can!

PCC’s Work Assistance Program helps thousands of students pay for their college education.

The Work Assistance Program allows eligible students to earn ($1,775–$4,440) each school year, with summer work opportunities also available. Qualified residence hall students who have definite financial needs may apply for work assistance, which is paid on a minimum-wage basis. Job considerations are given based on financial need and work availability. International students, though not eligible for work assistance, may apply for other student employment. Please contact the Director of Admissions for more information.

Over 2,500 students complete class assignments and enjoy Collegian functions, Christian service, sports, and other activities while working part-time and gaining practical experience working in many different areas (see list below).

Student Testimonies

I love working for the school because it’s much easier to coordinate my class schedule and work schedule together, all in one system, as opposed to how it would be with an off-campus job. I also love being on campus because I don’t have to drive to work, work in a secular environment, or worry about a different dress code. It’s nice having all the money going directly to my bill.

  —Beth from Tennessee

The ease of having a job right here on campus is a major plus. I work in the library, so I have been able to learn all the resources we have available for us, better use them myself, and help others use them. As a professional, I have learned a lot about PR and the difference between understanding something myself and explaining it to others. Working with students in the library, I have learned how to find out exactly what they need and communicate clearly to them how to get it.

  —Danae from Michigan

The work assistance program at PCC has been a major blessing to me and my family. Not only am I working for my education, but I am meeting new people and learning new skills. I have the great opportunity of working at the cabinet shop. After four years, not only do I get to graduate with a degree, but I also get to leave with a skill that I know I can use for the rest of my life. These skills will help me in whatever the Lord has for my life. The work assistance program has also taught me proper time management and work ethics that will carry on through my future career.

  —Cody from Florida

What I have enjoyed the most in the work assistance program is the people I have met. The shared experience at work brings students together and is continued as friendships after work hours are over. Working in dining services taught me speed and versatility, and now working in one of the offices at PCC has brought me experience working in a professional setting, preparing me for my future job using my office major. The work assistance program has taught me the importance of hard work and has provided me valuable experience I can bring to my future jobs.

  —Charity from Oregon

Don’t let finances prevent you from following your college dream.

Apply online for the Work Assistance Program, or download and print the application, or request a Work Assistance Program application from the Director of Admissions. If you have applied for the Work Assistance Program, also fill out an online AVA if you have not already.

Student Work Areas

  • Abeka Office
  • Abeka Distribution Center
  • Abeka Publishing
  • Admissions
  • Bus Garage
  • Cabinet Shop
  • Campus Store
  • College Office
  • PCA Daycare Center
  • PCA Extended School Day
  • Dining Services
  • Grounds
  • Housekeeping
  • Information Technology
  • Library
  • Lifeguards
  • Maintenance
  • Palms Grille
  • Post Office
  • PCC Print Shop
  • Secretarial
  • Security
  • Sports Center
  • and many more...