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Work Assistance Program

Can I Really Work My Way through College?

Wondering if you’ll be able to handle a job and classes, too? What about getting involved in social activities? With a variety of campus opportunities and class scheduling designed with you in mind, you can!

PCC’s Work Assistance Program helps thousands of students pay for their college education.

The Work Assistance Program allows eligible students to earn ($1,775–$4,440) each school year, with summer work opportunities also available. Qualified residence hall students who have definite financial needs may apply for work assistance, which is paid on a minimum-wage basis. Job considerations are given based on financial need and work availability. International students, though not eligible for work assistance, may apply for other student employment. Please contact the Director of Admissions for more information.

Over 2,100 students complete class assignments and enjoy Collegian functions, Christian service, sports, and other activities while working part-time and gaining practical experience working in many different areas (see list below).

Student Testimonies

“Sometimes paying off college bills seems to be an impossibility. Through the work assistance program, however, I was able to work for the college and use my earnings to pay off those bills. The program also taught me valuable lessons about diligence and glorifying God. My godly coworkers demonstrated how to show God's love to others in the workplace. I will never forget the impact each work opportunity has had on my life, and I look forward to applying the things I have learned.”  —Rachel from Tennessee
“As a student in need of college funds, I have enjoyed being a part of the Work Assistance Program at PCC. Being able to work in a Christian environment on a Christian campus has been a great experience. I am so thankful that PCC offers a Work Assistance Program that allows students to pay for their schooling while learning important skills.”  —Phil from Wisconsin
“I have totally enjoyed the Work Assistance Program at PCC! It has been such a blast working with great people that love serving the Lord and sincerely enjoy what they are doing. When I came to PCC I was unsure of what God had for me in the Work Assistance Program, but He had a plan and placed me exactly where He wanted me to be! I am thankful for the Work Assistance Program because it is an amazing opportunity given by God to serve Him.”  —Jake from Nevada
“I love working on campus because my supervisors have always acted in a Christian manner and have compassion and standards that dictate their lives and work. A place that is built on Christian foundations is the best place to work. I am thankful for the ability to work and study in the same place, having supervisors who care about me and my work, and the ability to be one of the few in my generation to graduate debt free!”  —Lindsey from Georgia
“The Work Assistance Program here at PCC has helped me pay for college and helped me to stay here to finish my nursing degree. I learned that if you work hard wherever you are placed, the benefits are rewarding in the end. I am so grateful that my supervisors tried to get me the most work time and fit it around my schedule as best as possible. I am so glad that when I graduate this May, I will finish debt free.”  —Alana from Ohio

Don’t let finances prevent you from following your college dream.

Apply online for the Work Assistance Program, or download and print the application, or request a Work Assistance Program application from the Director of Admissions. If you have applied for the Work Assistance Program, also fill out an online AVA if you have not already.

Student Work Areas

  • A Beka Academy Office
  • A Beka Book Office
  • A Beka Distribution Center
  • Admissions
  • Bus Garage
  • Cabinet Shop
  • Campus Store
  • College Office
  • PCA Daycare Center
  • PCA Extended School Day
  • Dining Services
  • Grounds
  • Housekeeping
  • Information Technology
  • Library
  • Lifeguards
  • Maintenance
  • Palms Grille
  • Post Office
  • PCC Print Shop
  • A Beka Book Publishing
  • Secretarial
  • Security
  • Sports Center
  • and many more...