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  1. How much does it cost to attend PCC?

    PCC is one of the most affordable Christian colleges in the nation. To learn more about our low cost, click here.

  2. What does PCC do to help students afford a Christian college education?

    From its beginning, PCC has taken steps to provide both an affordable and excellent Christian college education for any student who desires to live for God. Fees are kept as low as possible to benefit all students. God has blessed this goal by providing funds from an affiliate company, A Beka Book, to offset construction costs for many wonderful campus facilities.

  3. What if I still need some form of financial assistance?

    Financial assistance is provided through low cost, work assistance, and special offers and scholarships. The assistance provided helps the student to pay for college now without incurring debt that will need to be repaid later.

  4. Will I qualify for financial help?

    Many students qualify for financial help!

  5. What if I need a job to meet my college expenses?

    PCC provides over 2,500 jobs on campus through the Work Assistance Program. This program is ideal for student employment since a vehicle is not required to commute to work. Earnings are applied toward the student’s college account each month.

    A five-week winter break allows students more time to earn money between semesters. Second semester ends early in May to make it easier to obtain summer employment.

  6. Do I need a loan or grant to pay for college expenses?

    PCC students are normally able to pay for college without loans because of the affordable rate, work assistance program, and scholarships available. A recent survey showed that most PCC students are able to graduate completely debt-free!

    Educational fund programs are described on our Financial Info page for those who need additional help. Personal loans and privately funded scholarships occasionally help students too. It is not necessary for students to borrow government funds for college expenses, and PCC does not participate in those programs.

  7. Is PCC an eligible institution for me to claim a tuition tax deduction?

    Although PCC is accredited, the College does not participate in student aid programs administered by the Department of Education nor does it receive any state or federal funding. Accordingly, the College is not able to provide 1098-T tax forms for tuition tax deductions.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us so we can be of better assistance to you. We are excited that you are considering PCC and look forward to having you here as a student!