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  1. What does my high school transcript need to include?

    Your transcript needs to show the classes you have taken in 9th–12th grades, with a final grade (letter or number grade) for each subject. It also needs to show the month and year that your high school education was completed.

  2. Are there specific courses that I must take in high school?

    Those who oversee your education make the decisions about what courses you must take to receive a high school education. Your ACT/SAT scores will demonstrate the results of this education.

  3. Is the GED required of home school students?

    If you do not have record of your high school grades, you will need to take the GED.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us so we can be of better assistance to you. We are excited that you are considering PCC and look forward to having you here as a student!