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Student Life

  1. I am curious about the rules at PCC. Is there a student handbook I can look at?

    Every institution has rules and guidelines to help it run smoothly. You are welcome to read the Pensacola Christian College Pathway Student Resource Guide to learn about the systems in place at PCC. Each guideline in the Pathway is designed either 1) to produce a wholesome atmosphere and encourage each student to make choices according to the precepts in God's Word or 2) to promote a peaceful, harmonious, considerate environment that reflects the orderly nature of our God.

    The Pathway is much more than a student handbook; it truly is a resource to help students be successful in college and in their future careers.

  2. What about the dress code? What clothes should I bring?

    We ask our students to dress modestly and neatly, in a style that reflects our dedication to Jesus Christ. The Pathway has more information, including a helpful chart that explains the situations when certain types of attire would be appropriate.

What if I have more questions?
Please contact us so we can be of better assistance to you. We are excited that you are considering PCC and look forward to having you here as a student!