Dramatic Production

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Important note regarding when courses are offered

Term notations of Pre-term, Fall, Interterm, Spring, Post-term, or Summer mean that the course is offered during that term every year. When a term notation is followed by odd or even, then the course is offered during that term only in odd or even years, respectively.

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. “OL” means the course is available through online learning. See course offerings for online-learning course rotations.

The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

DP 511 Introduction to Graduate Studies (2) Students demonstrate their knowledge in techniques and methods of interpretation, research, and analysis. Utilizing the methods of research, students will begin background research on the graduate project. Summer.

DP 515 Production Management (3) The M.F.A. student studies the principles of stage management applied to the fields of operation and production with emphasis on marketing, developing, budgeting, and organizational structure. Fall, Spring.

DP 521 Advanced Acting (3) This course trains graduate students in advanced acting techniques, giving them a broader perspective of dramatic performance. Students perform in various types of realistic and classical dramas. Fall even.

DP 530 Teaching Practicum (3) Prereq.: ED 545 or teaching experience. Under the guidance of the dramatics faculty, M.F.A. students will gain practical experience in teaching and evaluating dramatic production students at the college level. Fall, Spring.

DP 603 Advanced Stage Makeup and Costuming (2) While focusing on the principles of design and their application to the stage, students will learn the historical approach to costume design from research and analysis to a final rendering. In addition, students will receive instruction and practical experience with advanced makeup techniques. Interterm even.

DP 605 Studies in Directing (3) Students will learn script analysis, directorial concepts, character development, blocking, composition, and stage movement. In addition, a study of various directorial styles will enable students to examine and develop their own style of directing. Students then will apply this knowledge by directing selected scenes to gain practical experience in various styles and forms of plays commonly performed in church and academic settings. Fall odd.

DP 611 Graduate Dramatic Production Research Project (3) Prereq.: DP 511. Under the supervision of the advisory faculty, the student will complete a thorough, original research project for the M.F.A. dramatic production. Spring.

DP 618 Scene Design and Stage Lighting (2) Students choose a play to design and light. The design process from initial sketches to scale models of sets will be examined and applied. Students will also learn and apply lighting applications. Fall even.

DP 619 Advanced Lighting Design (3) Prereq.: DP 618. Students develop advanced knowledge of the theory and practice of lighting design for the stage with an emphasis on script analysis and execution. Spring odd.

DP 641–642 Private Lessons in Productions (1 each) Fall, Spring.

DP 644 Production Preparation (1) The student will prepare all elements of the production related to costuming, makeup, stage design, lighting, and sound in preparation for his graduate production. Fall, Spring.

DP 645 Performance Studio (3) Prereq.: DP 521 and IS 520. Under the direction of the dramatics faculty, the student will adapt from a biblical character or Christian biography a monologue or monodrama for a public performance. Fall, Spring.

DP 646 Graduate Production (2) The student will work with an instructor to develop all aspects of this capstone course. The student will produce an adapted script including designing, building, and lighting the set; auditioning; casting and directing; and developing costumes and makeup for the public performance. Fall, Spring.

DP 671, 672, 673 Practicum in Dramatic Production I, II, III (3 each) Students participate in the college production process in a significant area of responsibility. Fall, Spring.

DP 675 M.F.A. Dramatic Production (3) Prereq.: DP 673. As the culmination of the program, the student prepares a public, full-length play on a Bible character, missionary, or devoted Christian (historical or modern) under the advisement of the dramatics faculty. Following the production, the student will complete a written thesis and successfully pass an oral defense of the production and thesis. Fall, Spring.