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Important note

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. See course offerings for online-learning course rotations.

The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

HI 601 Introduction to Graduate History Research (3) Offered Summer, Online. Through a practical use of library systems, students will research a historical topic and will create bibliographic entries.

HI 611 Graduate History Research Project (3) Offered Summer, Spring, Online. Prereq.: HI 601. Under the supervision of advisory faculty, the student will complete a thorough, original research project.

HI 640 American Constitutional History (3) Offered Summer even, Spring odd, Online. Competency: History of Civilization and United States History. Students will analyze the development of the American constitutional system in the context of American political, social, economic, and religious history.

HI 650 Dynamics and Direction of the Contemporary World (3) Offered Summer odd, Spring even, Online. Competency: History of Civilization. Students analyze the ideologies that have shaped the modern world, such as liberalism, conservatism, socialism, and globalism, and prepare a Christian response to these belief systems and their implications.

HI 660 History of the Reformers (3) Offered Summer even, Fall even. Competency: History of Civilization. Students will explore the lives, contributions, and influence of the forerunners of the Reformation as well as the principal figures of the Northern Renaissance Reformation Era. The long-term influence of the Reformers is appraised. Students will demonstrate intellectual competence in the subject matter by articulating and applying course content in discussion and written exercise.

HI 670 The Victorian Era (3) Offered Summer odd, Fall odd. Competency: History of Civilization. Students will examine British social, political, and economic progress largely within the parameters of the reign of Queen Victoria. Traditional Victorian responses to such philosophies as Darwinism, socialism, and modernism are considered. Students will demonstrate academic competence in the subject matter by articulating and applying course content in discussion and written exercise.

HI 700 Independent Study (3) Prereq.: ED 726 or 728. This course is a 15-week independent academic research study. Students submit a one-page project proposal explaining the specific research question and listing a minimum of 15 preliminary sources for approval by the instructor of record. Research will result in a 25- to 30-page research paper and a multimedia presentation.