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Important note regarding when courses are offered

Term notations of Pre-term, Fall, Interterm, Spring, Post-term, or Summer mean that the course is offered during that term every year. When a term notation is followed by odd or even, then the course is offered during that term only in odd or even years, respectively.

Courses that do not have a term notation are not offered on a set rotation. “OL” means the course is available through online learning. See course offerings for online-learning course rotations.

The number of semester credit hours which a course carries is listed in parentheses following the course title.

MU 511 Introduction to Graduate Music Research (2) Students learn how to use library systems most pertinent to music research and write a well-crafted research paper. Pre-term.

MU 512 Graduate Music Theory (3) This course will include chromatic harmony beginning with secondary dominants, the principles of modulation, and basic elements of form and analysis. Included also is sight singing using solfeggio and four-part harmonic dictation. Summer.

MU 513 Analytic Technique (3) Covering a broad spectrum of analytic tools but concentrating on all Western music from plainsong to the more recent works of this century, this course is designed to sharpen the student’s analytic powers in both theory and form. Summer.

MU 527 Electronic Application in Arranging (2) Students use music-notation computer software as they arrange melodies to be sung by a variety of choral voicings and develop advanced choral-arranging techniques and a better understanding of music notation and score design. Summer.

MU 531 Graduate Music History Survey (2) This survey of the renaissance, baroque, and classical periods begins with a study of Palestrina and continues through the music of Haydn and Mozart. Emphasis is on the development of important musical genres. This course will include the study of major composers and their compositions. Summer.

MU 532 Graduate Music History Survey (2) This survey of romantic, impressionistic, and modern periods begins with a study of Beethoven. Emphasis is on the development of important music genres. This course will include the study of major composers and their compositions. Summer.

MU 543 Survey of Piano Literature (3) Students examine the music for solo piano from the late seventeenth century through the present while emphasizing listening, discussion, and absorption of important keyboard works and styles. Spring even.

MU 547 Survey of Song Literature (3) Students gain an overview of the history of German and French art song literature. Students articulate knowledge of significant German Lied and French mélodie composers, their compositional styles, and their respective places in historical periods and artistic movements. Their knowledge culminates in a group recital performance of representative works from German and French art song. Spring even.

MU 550 Survey of Choral Literature (3) Students study choral literature from 1450 to the present with emphasis on cultural setting and modern performance practice. Spring even.

MU 553 Symphonic Literature (3) The student will learn the development of the orchestra from the Paris Opera through the Mannheim school and a survey of the main contributions to the literature from Haydn to the present. Spring even.

MU 555 Hymnology (3) Students will complete an in-depth study of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Included in the course will be a focus on texts, tunes, authors, composers, and historical and modern traditions through lecture, research, writing, and presentation. Fall even.

MU 559 Advanced Choral Conducting (2) Students further develop their choral-conducting techniques and choir management and expand their resources of appropriate choral literature for different choir levels. Spring odd.

MU 646 Graduate Recital—Music Education (1) Fall, Spring.

MU 654 Graduate Recital Preparation (1) Students prepare for their recital. Fall, Spring.

MU 656 Graduate Recital—Music (1) Prereq.: At least “B-” in MU 654. Fall, Spring.

Private Music Lessons (1 hr. each)

BR 631—633 Private Brass

CD 631—633 Choral Conducting

PI 631—633 Private Piano

ST 631—633 Private Strings

VO 631—633 Private Voice

WW 631—633 Private Woodwind