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Performing Arts Department

Dr. Amy Bombard, Chair

The Master of Fine Arts in dramatics and the Master of Arts in performance studies balance the theory and technique of their respective disciplines with practical application. These programs provide advanced training in directing and staging dramatic productions and personal interpretation while further developing the student’s research skills. Students are taught from a traditional philosophy with special emphasis given to training directors and performers to meet the artistic needs of Christian ministries.

The Master of Arts degree in music develops the individual’s ability to effectively honor the Lord through music. Accomplished faculty provide academic and artistic training necessary for careers in ministry, education, and performance venues.

Admission Requirements

See General Admission Requirements.

Dramatics or Performance Studies: Applicants also need at least 18 semester credits of interpretive speech on the undergraduate level and must audition in person. Those living beyond 400 miles from Pensacola may submit a high-quality video recording.

Music: Applicants must have majored in music on the undergraduate level. Music applicants must audition in person. Those living beyond 400 miles from Pensacola may submit a high-quality video recording. An entrance examination in music theory (sight singing, dictation, part writing, harmonic and formal analysis) is required. Applicants who do not earn a satisfactory score on the exam must take a review course in the appropriate area with no graduate credit.

Graduate students in voice must be proficient in oral pronunciation and principles of IPA transcription. A diagnostic diction exam will be offered in conjunction with the graduate platform at the end of a student’s first semester of study. Students receiving a lower than satisfactory score on the diagnostic exam are required to take a review course.

Progress Evaluation

Continuation in this graduate program is dependent upon an ongoing evaluation of the student’s abilities. Music students must successfully complete a graduate music platform in their emphasis at the end of their first semester in the program. A student may be removed at any time from his program if, in the opinion of the faculty/administration, the student fails to perform satisfactorily or improve sufficiently in the appropriate skill, regardless of the student’s academic average in the program.

A student earning a “C+” or lower in any private lesson or practicum course may be required to repeat that course. A student cannot repeat a private lesson or practicum course more than one time. Upon the student’s earning a “C+” or lower in another private lesson or practicum course, the Graduate Committee reviews the student’s status to determine if he can continue in his graduate program.

Graduation Requirements

See Graduation Requirements.

Master of Fine Arts Degree [M.F.A.]

Master of Arts Degree [M.A.]