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Master of Arts Degree in Performance Studies

Master of Arts Degree [M.A.]
in Performance Studies

The purpose of this degree is to develop Christian performers who effectively communicate with an audience.

Learning Outcomes: Graduates of the performance studies program will be able to

  • develop and defend a repertoire that reflects a biblical worldview;
  • create presentations incorporating credible research, analysis, and originality;
  • interpret poetry, prose, and dramatic literature communicating an in-depth understanding of the text;
  • create vivid characterizations with textual integrity;
  • communicate narrative elements reflecting emotional sensitivity;
  • demonstrate proficiency in vocal technique and non-verbal communication;
  • stage presentations that are aesthetically pleasing; and
  • write original scripts or adaptations of literary works for solo performance.

Admission Requirements

Residence Requirements

Thirty semester credit hours of work may be completed in four consecutive fall/spring semesters, including a summer session (July 13–24, 2017) and an Interterm session. A public recital must be given before graduate work is completed.