Visual Arts Department

Mr. Shawn Thayer, Chair

The Master of Fine Arts and the Master of Arts in graphic design and studio art programs are designed to develop the individual’s ability to communicate effectively in the visual arts. Building on a strong foundation of undergraduate art training, these master’s programs allow for intense individual development in necessary skills. Skilled artists train the student in a variety of media, preparing the student for future work.

Admission Requirements

See General Admission Requirements.

Applicants for a graduate degree in art must also have majored in art or graphic design on the undergraduate level. A portfolio of representative work must be submitted.

All students wishing to pursue an M.F.A. in studio art or graphic design will begin the graduate program enrolled as an M.A. student. Students will be eligible for the M.F.A. program upon successful completion of 12 hours of concentration and 3 hours of art history. Admission to the M.F.A. program will be based upon committee review of completed body of work, written artist statement, and panel interview.

Progress Evaluation

Continuation in the graduate art program is dependent upon an ongoing evaluation of the student’s abilities. A student may be removed at any time from this program if, in the opinion of the faculty/administration, the student fails to perform satisfactorily or improve sufficiently in the appropriate skill, regardless of the student’s academic average in the program.

A student earning a “C+” or lower in any studio course may be required to repeat that course. A student cannot repeat a studio course more than one time. Upon the student’s earning a “C+” or lower in another studio course, the Graduate Committee reviews the student’s status to determine if he can continue in his graduate program.

Graduation Requirements

See Graduation Requirements.

Master of Fine Arts Degree [M.F.A.]

Master of Arts Degree [M.A.]