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Financial Information

Fall/Spring Semesters


Tuition, per credit hour $278.00
   Audit, per credit hour 139.00
Room and Board, per semester 1,798.00
Student Services Fee, per semester
   Residence Hall 140.00
   Town: 12 or more hours 140.00
      6–11 hours 90.00
      1–5 hours 25.00
Conditional Fees*
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $50.00
Change of Term Fee 25.00
Vehicle Registration, per semester
   Car—residence hall 100.00
   Car—town student 85.00
   Motorcycle—residence hall 50.00
   Motorcycle—town student 42.50
   Bicycle 10.00
   Late Vehicle Registration Fee 15.00
Registration, Records, and Business Office
   Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee 7.50
   Early Arrival Fee, per day 30.00
   Late Arrival Fee 50.00
   Late Departure Fee, per day 30.00
   Late Registration Fee 50.00
   Testing Center Fee, per test 10.00
   Early or Late Exam Fee, per exam 10.00
   Recital Fee 75.00
   Doctoral Dissertation
      Continuing Dissertation Services Fee,
      per term
      Copying and Binding Fee 95.00
      Final Copy Extension Fee 150.00
   Graduate Art Show Fee 75.00
   Graduate M.F.A. Show Fee 100.00
   Returned Check Fee 25.00
   PCC Card Replacement Fee 7.50
   Petition for Graduation Fee 80.00
   Late Petition for Graduation Fee 25.00
   Diploma Reorder Fee 20.00

*Subject to change if necessary.
**Graduation fees: Dec. graduates pay with Nov. 20 payment; May graduates pay with Apr. 16 payment.

Application Fee—Fall/Spring

A $50 Application Fee must accompany each new or re-enrolling admission application. This fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Student Services Fee—Fall/Spring

This fee covers student services and activities such as library, Fine Arts Series, athletic events, and yearbook. The part-time student’s fee does not include Fine Arts Series or yearbook.

Payment Plan—Fall/Spring

Any student who plans to enroll for fewer than 12 credits in a semester should contact the Business Office for specific financial details concerning his account.

The basic cost for the school term may be paid by the semester. A payment plan of four payments each semester is also available to students who are U.S. or Canadian citizens or who are U.S. permanent resident card holders. Payments may be made by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PCC Card. Payments may be charged automatically to a credit card for students who apply for this service. Please note: We are unable to accept postdated checks or to hold checks. The August 1 [January 15] payment must be paid in order to be eligible for class registration and to secure a space in the residence hall.

Installment Payment Schedule

1st payment August 1, 2017
2nd payment September 25, 2017
3rd payment October 23, 2017
4th payment November 20, 2017
1st payment January 15, 2018
2nd payment February 19, 2018
3rd payment March 19, 2018
4th payment April 16, 2018

Midterm or final exams may not be taken unless a student’s account is completely up to date. Students paying their accounts more than 9 days late will be charged a $15 late fee. Students with accounts more than 10 days in arrears may not be allowed to attend class until their accounts are made current. If after students have missed 5 class days their accounts are still not current, they may be required to discontinue enrollment.

Abeka Foundation Educational Fund

PCC maintains charges that are among the lowest in the nation; thus in effect, every student enrolled at PCC receives an automatic financial benefit of several thousand dollars.

Abeka Foundation Educational Fund provides loans to qualified students who need help in financing their graduate education at PCC. Students attending year-round (fall/spring) are eligible to apply for Abeka Foundation loans upon completion of 9 credit hours. Students who meet Abeka Foundation Educational Fund loan requirements may be permitted to borrow up to $2,500 per year for up to four years. For additional information, e-mail or call (850) 478-8496, ext. 2082.

Private Scholarships

Students are encouraged to research and apply for sources of private scholarship aid online.

Summer Term

Cost—Summer 2018*

Tuition, per credit hour
   Audit, per credit hour 139.00
Room and Board, daily 25.00
   Sessions I–IV (47 days) 1,175.00
   Session I (11 days) 275.00
   Session II (13 days) 325.00
   Session III (12 days) 300.00
   Session IV (11 days) 275.00
Student Services Fee, per course 15.00
Summer Conditional Fees*
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $50.00
Change of Term Fee 25.00
Registration, Records, and Business Office
   Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee 7.50
   Early Arrival Fee, per day
      1 day before registration 25.00
      2 or more days before registration
      (except for Session I)
   Late Registration Fee
   Doctoral Dissertation
      Continuing Dissertation Services Fee,
      per term
      Copying and Binding Fee 95.00
      Final Copy Extension Fee 150.00
   Returned Check Fee 25.00
   PCC Card Replacement Fee
Petition for Graduation Fee 80.00

*Subject to change if necessary.

Financial Terms—Summer

Tuition, room and board, and fees for the summer program are due before registration. Students are expected to register for all their summer courses at the same time. The student will be charged a $7.50 Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee for changes made after the initial summer registration. Payments for the exact amount may be made by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or PCC Card. It is of great advantage to the student at registration to pay ahead of time. This may be done by mail, online, or upon arrival. The student is responsible to see that miscellaneous charges added after registration, such as Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee, are paid in order to receive the grade report for that session. The only exception is full-time Christian workers Summer Payment Plan.

Payment Plan—Summer

This plan is available to graduate students who work full time in a Christian ministry, who are not planning to attend the College year round, and who register for nine or more credits during the summer semester. All fees and one half the cost of tuition, room and board are to be paid on registration day. The balance of the tuition, room and board is to be paid in four equal payments on the following dates: September 25, October 23, and November 20, 2017; and January 15, 2018. Any payment that is more than nine days late will be charged a $15 late fee each month. Final session grades will be released upon full payment of the extended payment plan.

Student Services Fee—Summer

This fee covers student services such as library access and on-campus parking.



Tuition, per credit hour $278.00
   Audit, per credit hour 139.00
Room and Board, daily 30.00
Student Services Fee 15.00
Conditional Fees*
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $50.00
Change of Term Fee 25.00
Registration, Records, and Business Office
   Late Registration Fee 20.00
   Returned Check Fee 25.00
   PCC Card Replacement Fee

*Subject to change if necessary.

Distance Learning

Cost—Distance Learning*

Tuition, per credit hour $278.00
   Audit, per credit hour 139.00
Access and Technology Fee, per course 130.00
Conditional Fees*
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $50.00
Change of Term Fee 25.00
Distance-Learning Testing Fee 50.00
Registration, Records, and Business Office
   Drop/Add/Change of Course Fee 7.50
   Late Registration Fee 25.00
   Returned Check Fee 25.00

*Subject to change if necessary.
**Distance-learning courses are not available in all countries. For details, contact us at (850) 478-8496, ext. 4014.

Access and Technology Fee—Distance Learning

This fee provides technology services to students including corresponding hardware, infrastructure, and support; individual on-campus e-mail accounts; access to Eagle’s Nest; and course delivery. In addition, it provides services such as library access, including online databases; general course administration costs; and the cost of proctor’s packets and testing materials.

Miscellaneous Costs

Textbooks, supplies, laundry, and incidentals may total $350–$600 per semester, depending, of course, on the individual student.

Health Services

PCC’s Graf Clinic, staffed by medical professionals, provides health care for illness and injury during clinic hours. Resident and non-resident students needing to see the medical doctor may do so at a fee of $15 per visit. Fees incurred for on-campus labs, diagnostic testing, and pharmaceuticals will be applied to the student’s account at the time of service. After-hours health needs and serious illnesses or injuries are referred to off-campus medical facilities associated with one of three area hospitals.

PCC does not accept responsibility for illness or accident on or off campus and does not accept financial responsibility or provide insurance for students needing emergency medical care, hospitalization, or off-campus medical attention. Students are responsible to provide either their own health insurance coverage or pay the cost themselves. Students use school facilities at their own risk.

International Students

All payments must be in U.S. currency. International students’ accounts will be charged any handling fees assessed by a foreign bank (e.g., transfer funds, etc.). Each semester must be paid in advance.

Pensacola Christian College does not provide financial assistance for international students. Under normal circumstances, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service will not permit international students to be employed in the United States off campus to meet their financial obligations. Therefore international students should not depend on obtaining part-time employment to meet their educational expenses. International students should carefully assess their financial resources before finalizing their plans.

If the international student is not granted admission, the tuition, room and board, and transportation payments are refundable. United States immigration regulations mandate that no international student should travel to this country without receiving his official letter of acceptance and Form I-20.

Financial Services

Two ATMs (automatic teller machines) are on campus for the students’ banking needs. Any ATM card may be used; however, there is usually a nominal charge for using ATM cards not issued by Bank of America or Regions Bank.

Bank of America and Regions Bank provide discounted banking services to PTS/PCC students. Bank representatives are on campus periodically to assist students in opening new accounts.

All checks to the College for tuition and fees should be made out for the exact amount owed. The College Business Office does not provide banking and check-cashing services.

Withdrawal Policies

After a student has enrolled in the College, any action that would cause the student to leave the College before routine completion of the semester (voluntary or involuntary) will be considered a withdrawal.

To withdraw from the College with official approval, a student must have a withdrawal form properly executed by the Academic Offices.

Whenever a student’s status is changed to “withdrawn” and the student owes money on his account, the money is due upon withdrawal. Interest of one percent per month (12% APR) will be charged on the unpaid balance beginning 30 days after the withdrawal until the debt is paid in full.

Should a student leave the College for any reason after having paid more than the amounts outlined above, a refund is made to him for any overpayment; but no refund is made to a student for any other reason. No refunds are issued on a student’s account until after the third week of school has been completed.

For a student to withdraw from a class, he must obtain written permission from the Registrar.

When a student is accepted for the fall semester, he is expected to remain a student at the College for both the fall and the spring semesters of that academic year. The student’s reservation is automatically carried over from the fall semester to the spring semester within a given school year. Therefore, if a student withdraws at the end of the fall semester, he must notify the Seminary-Graduate Studies Office in writing.

Fall and Spring

A student is entitled to a full refund of tuition prior to commencement of instruction. A student whose withdrawal is officially approved and whose departure is before the end of the first three weeks of the semester owes the semester’s tuition according to the following schedule:

During first week—25% tuition

  • Fall Aug. 29–Sept. 4, 2017
  • Spring Jan. 23–29, 2018

During second week—50% tuition

  • Fall Sept. 5–11, 2017
  • Spring Jan. 30–Feb. 5, 2018

During third week—75% tuition

  • Fall Sept. 12–18, 2017
  • Spring Feb. 6–12, 2018

After third week—100% tuition

  • Fall After Sept. 18, 2017
  • Spring After Feb. 12, 2018

A student also owes fees and room and board (if a residence hall student) at a prorated amount based on the length of his stay.


If a student comes and claims his reservation but withdraws before completing the session, he is responsible for full tuition and fees for the course that session (exception: students taking 2 courses each day or courses carrying a load of more than 3 credits—see the Business Office Supervisor).

Notice of Liability

Pensacola Christian College is not liable for damage to any personal belongings of students under any circumstances including the event of a catastrophe such as, but not limited to, windstorm, flood, hail, riot, riot attending a strike, civil commotion, explosion, fire, smoke, and vehicle or aircraft accident. Neither is the College liable for theft of personal belongings of students, staff, or faculty.