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PCC’s Program Ranked in Top Ten

On August 30, 2010, Soliant Health (a healthcare staffing company in Atlanta, GA) rated the Pensacola Christian College nursing program among the top ten in the nation. The rating went as follows:

  1. University of Pennsylvania
  2. University of Washington
  3. University of California in San Francisco
  4. Johns Hopkins University
  5. Oregon Health and Science University
  1. University of North Carolina
  2. Pensacola Christian College
  3. Virginia Commonwealth University
  4. University of Maryland
  5. University of Pittsburgh

Soliant Health formulated their ranking by analyzing over 30 nursing school ranking lists from various sources. They found that besides the University of Pennsylvania, Pensacola Christian College is the only other nursing program in America to receive an A rating on student survey web sites.

Jason Bain

Grace Schroder (’09 grad)
Cardiac Telemetry Unit Registered Nurse, West Florida Hospital

“The program at PCC taught me so much more than just nursing skills. I learned compassion and Christian views throughout my four years there. My instructors knew me personally, called me by name, and were so encouraging. I would find handwritten notes or voicemail messages from my instructors that encouraged me during a difficult day. The instructors cared about high standards and did not let me slack. When I was struggling with a concept, they would take time and sit down with me one on one and help explain something. I was taught the importance of sharing my hope in Christ with my patients. I can offer so much more than just physical comfort. Being out in the field now, I can definitely appreciate the high standards that I was taught. Because of PCC’s high standards in education, I am prepared to be a very competent and beneficial nurse to my patients.

“During my junior year at PCC, I found an ad for a nursing scholarship on the hospital’s website. I applied, had an interview, and then was given a scholarship. The hospital paid for my last year in college and guaranteed me a full-time position at their hospital once I passed my Board of Nursing Licensure exam to become an RN. I feel so incredibly blessed to have received this scholarship, and I know God was saving it just for me. The hospital told me that they think highly of PCC graduates and were very eager to have me on their team.

“Having a B.S.N. means I am not limited to practice only ‘bedside nursing.’ I have the freedom to pursue higher degrees and further advancement in my field. I often work as the Charge Nurse. In this position, I am a support person for the rest of the nurses working my shift. I assign patients to nurses and give guidance and support to the nurses as problems arise.

“I enjoy being the patients’ advocate and help in their time of need. I get to use my skills to address their needs and communicate with the doctors and other healthcare team members. It’s so rewarding to see a problem, seek an answer, implement the answer, and then enjoy seeing the patient’s relief. As a nurse, I see myself as God’s ‘hand’ in the body of Christ. As I perform physical skills, I have the opportunity to offer peace, comfort, and love just as Christ gave to me in my lowest time.”

Krystal Hoover (’06 grad)
Pre-Screen Registered Nurse, St. Joseph’s Medical Center

“The excellent training that I received at PCC has enabled me to work in the Pre-Screening Clinic at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Tacoma, WA. The excellent assessment skills that I learned at PCC allowed me to work in this specialized area early in my career. Working in this area has given me many opportunities to pray with and encourage patients in the Lord before their surgeries. I am thankful that the Lord blessed me with such a wonderful Christian environment to further my education.

“The nursing program and Christian training that you will receive at PCC is second to none. During my preceptorship in the pediatric ICU at Sacred Heart Hospital, a traveling nurse told my preceptor if it hadn’t been for the uniform I was wearing she would have thought I had worked in the ICU for a while. The clinical skills and Christian perspective that are taught at PCC will shape you into a very skilled and compassionate nurse.

“My husband Stephen and I are also serving the Lord at Temple Baptist Church in Lacey, WA, as assistants to the youth director. I will be forever grateful for the refreshing Christian environment and education that I received at PCC.”

Chris Callahan

Christopher Callahan (’03 grad)

  • Relief Charge Nurse in Cardiac Step Down, Boca Raton Community Hospital
  • Youth Director/Pastor’s Assistant, Fort Lauderdale Baptist Church
  • M.A. in Bible Exposition: Pensacola Theological Seminary

“PCC’s nursing program was excellent preparation for the nursing field; one of the most helpful aspects was the preceptorship. The ten weeks of preceptorship (four weeks longer than even the longest of other schools whose students I have worked with) made me ready to be a nurse and confident that I could be a nurse and care for the patients independently, with no instructor to fall back on! The greatest fear of a graduate nurse is, ‘Will I be able to make it as a nurse? Can I function alone, independent of my teachers and preceptors?’ PCC’s program did a great job preparing me and minimized this fear.

“God led me to join Pastor Ryan Price and his wife, Melissa, in starting a church in Fort Lauderdale. I work two days a week as a nurse to pay the bills, but my main calling is with the church. Nursing does provide many opportunities for ministry, and my nursing skills I learned at PCC have often been quite helpful in the ministry!

“My favorite part of being a nurse is being able to make a difference in someone else’s life. Being allowed to be the one God uses to bring healing and comfort to a sick and hurting person is a wonderful blessing!”

Jason Bain

James Baskerville (’06 grad)

  • Radiology Nurse, Methodist Hospital
  • M.B.A. Student: Indiana Wesleyan University

“I prayed to God to help me find a job where I could serve patients as well as be able to be in church every Sunday and spend time with my family in the evenings, and He opened the door to this position.

“The PCC nursing clinical program helped me gain experience that has allowed me to have the confidence to work in the critical care unit, which ultimately led me to my current position.”

Tina Smith Price

Tina Smith Price (’94 grad)
OB Labor and Delivery, Postpartum, and Newborn Care

“My PCC instructors invested their time, energy, and hearts into us as nursing students. They taught not only behind the lectern but also in their everyday lives to be godly examples to our patients. Even though it has been years since graduation, I still keep in touch with many of my nursing classmates. The Lord blessed me with a great college education, wonderful nursing instructors, and forever friends!”

Brenda Jacobsen, D.O. (’84 grad)

  • Locum Tenens Medical Doctor
  • Pre-Professional Biology degree: University of West Florida
  • Doctor of Osteopathy in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine: University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine

Class officer the last two years in medical school
Chief intern during internship

“I received excellent training at PCC, and it really helped in my nursing career. It taught me how to study well, and I definitely have an appreciation for what nurses do! I worked as an RN from 1984 to 1994 (including during the first two years of medical school). I now do traveling medicine (locum tenens) around the nation.”

Carol Cook Libby (’88 grad)

  • PACU nurse, Maine Medical Center
  • MSN: University of South Alabama

“I left the OR after several years and am now a staff PACU nurse. As patients roll out of the OR, the PACU nurse is there to greet them, monitor their airways, and manage their pain. Once they are sufficiently awake and comfortable, my job is done. I love the flexibility of career fields within a career. I absolutely love PACU nursing. I derive satisfaction from bringing the patient from a point of unconsciousness to being comfortable enough to be discharged from PACU within a couple of hours.

“I have always felt that I was well trained at PCC to use critical thinking skills. I think we were prepared to be safe, competent nurses.”

Ryan Rosenkranz

Ryan Rosenkranz (’07 grad)
ICU Floor Nurse: Kadlec Regional Medical Center

“PCC’s nursing program prepared me so well! I am very thankful I got my degree there! The best evidence I can give of this is being asked—as a brand new graduate—where I had worked before I worked at KRMC because I was knowledgeable about all kinds of situations.

“I have gotten a few accreditations through AACN (American Association of Critical Care Nurses). I am a PCCN (progressive care certified nurse) and am working toward my CCRN (critical care registered nurse). I am also TNCC (trauma nursing care certified).

“I worked two years on a telemetry/step down unit and transferred to the ICU about a year ago. I take care of from one to two patients who are critically ill. I titrate medicine drips, turn my patients every two hours, and work very closely with my doctors for the best outcome of the patients. Another part of my job is educating the families about the disease process their loved one has, what all the numbers on the monitor mean, and what all the equipment does.

“My favorite part of this field is the interaction you get with people and the ways you can touch their and their families’ lives. There is nothing better than seeing someone you did not expect to recover walk out of the hospital days later!”

Christina Elliott (’02 B.S.N. grad, ’06 M.S.N. grad)

“Before I got married, I taught nursing. PCC’s strong academic standards and varied clinical experiences during my nursing school days provided me with the knowledge base necessary to help train others to serve the Lord as nurses.

“My favorite part of nursing is helping people. I grew up on the mission field out in the jungle where the nearest doctor was an hour’s flight away. As a young child, God gave me the desire to help people through nursing. I went to PCC to train as a nurse, expecting to use this training on the mission field. Instead, the Lord allowed me to help teach others to become nurses so that they might be a help to their patients.”

Angela Moorhead (’04 grad)
Registered Nurse, Chester County OBGyn Associates

“I work with doctors and nurse practitioners to provide care to our patients in the OBGyn field. I triage calls that come from patients and administer meds. I have always had a love for women’s health. My favorite part about working in the nursing field is the direct patient contact, feeling that I made a difference to someone.

“The great preceptorship that we had our senior year at PCC made me very confident in starting a job.”

Chris Callahan

Myarka Fostine (’10 grad)
Registered Nurse, Sacred Heart Hospital

“The nursing program at PCC allows the nursing students to do six weeks of tech work and six weeks of preceptorship the last semester during their senior year. During my tech work rotation, I had the opportunity to introduce myself to one of the nursing managers at the Sacred Heart Hospital and told her about my desire to work on her floor after I graduated. Right before I took my NCLEX exam, the same nurse manager contacted me for an interview. I am very thankful that God has allowed me to get this nursing position.

“The nursing instructors at PCC helped me very much to understand that nursing is not just a profession, but it is also a ministry. In my opinion, by just watching the nursing instructors at PCC, I can testify that they possess a passionate desire to help us students understand nursing concepts and use good nursing judgments at the clinical setting.

“One of the things I like about nursing is that it helps me to take my eyes off myself and look for opportunities to help others. It also reminds me to always lift up my eyes to the hills to ask God for strength and grace to better care for His people.”

Chris Callahan

Aquilla Bec (’99 grad)

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, CareSouth Carolina Pediatrics
  • MSN in Pediatric Primary Care: University of South Alabama

“As a nurse I have never faced unemployment issues, but rather have had too many job opportunities to actually consider. God opened each door so beautifully and provided me a job opportunity even before I had graduated with my master’s.”

Stefanie Michael (’00 grad)

  • Staff Nurse on Inpatient Adult Medical Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Graduate student in Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Program: University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Board Certified in Medical Surgical Nursing by the ANCC

“A nursing degree provides a wide variety of job opportunities. I have been able to practice at the bedside, teach in a school of nursing, participate in hospital-wide training initiatives, and assume interim unit leadership support roles. I enjoy the ability to assume many different roles as a nurse. I love connecting with my patients and supporting them emotionally and physically through some of their lowest moments. I enjoy collaborating with physicians and participating in the plan of care. I have been able to share my faith in a few situations.

“PCC prepared me with a thorough background academically and clinically. PCC’s commitment to excellence taught me to give my best in every situation.”

Chelsea Mynyk

Chelsea Mynyk (’08 M.S.N. grad)

  • Registered Nurse, Pediatric Floor at Sky Ridge Medical Center
  • Elected for the RN Recognition Program, a program that recognizes various achievements, work ethic, and performance
  • Currently working on submitting two books for publication

“I am thankful for PCC’s graduate program in nursing. The faculty, academics, and learning experiences have enabled me to excel in various leadership roles as a nurse. I have had opportunities to teach other staff members in classes and assist the manager with various projects and tasks.

“As a nurse, providing good quality care for young children is only part of my role. The major part of my role is demonstrating God’s love to the children and their families and providing a listening ear, a caring heart, and a shoulder to cry on. God placed a desire in my heart to nurture and care for children ever since I was young myself. God has led me to a place where I can see not only how He can use my desires but also how I can care for His children.

“My favorite part about working as a pediatric nurse is watching the sick children, amidst their coughing and crying, show a smile, laugh, or giggle at a funny face or silly joke I make. I am reminded of Proverbs 17:22 where it states, ‘A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.’”

Jason Bain

Jason Bain (’98 grad)

  • Board Certified Gastroenterology Nurse Practitioner
  • MSN: Old Dominion University

“PCC’s nursing program ranks up there with the best in the nation. I was extremely prepared to begin graduate school after attending PCC and working as a nurse for a couple of years. The nursing program at PCC gave me a very good grasp on the anatomy and physiology of the human body, biology, chemistry, and the art of nursing, and it laid the foundation for discerning the reason for the patient’s symptoms—which was the focal aspect of my graduate training.

“The standard of excellence that is maintained by the nursing professors, and by PCC in general, prepared me for the long hours of study that is required for graduate school, and I have tried to maintain that standard of excellence as I see patients as a nurse practitioner. Also, the extensive in-office and in-hospital clinical experience and the large number of clinical hours that I put in during my years at PCC gave me an edge over many of the other new grads seeking employment. I was able to start working in an intensive care unit in Virginia Beach, VA, just one month after graduation.”

Melinda Presson (’04 grad)

  • Missionary in South Africa
  • Nominated for Humanitarian of the Year in 2005

“I am a missionary wife in South Africa in a little village called Mbhokota. I completed half of my nurse practitioner degree (midwifery) at Vanderbilt before I got married and moved to Africa. In the past, I was a staff nurse in ICU at West Florida Hospital and at Vanderbilt Medical Center. I also worked as a travel nurse in the ED at Mercy General in Sacramento, CA. My first job at WFH was obtained because they had student jobs available, and since they like PCC students, they gave me a job between my junior and senior years of college.

“I absolutely love helping people in crisis situations. I love making people laugh when they’re hurting, and I love walking away from a 16-hour shift in the ER knowing that someone got to live today because I came to work.

“The variety of clinical experiences at PCC has proven invaluable. I’m an ICU nurse which means I deal with adults, but here in the village in South Africa, the nurses at the clinic hand me the vaccination vials and I give my own children their immunizations. If it weren’t for the college immunization clinics I went to, I’d be lost.

“PCC’s nursing program taught us a plethora of material and then gave challenging tests to be sure we absorbed it all. I can’t tell you how many standardized tests I took during which I found myself referring back to my college classes, and this was years after graduation. When people say PCC’s program is great, they’re not kidding!”

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