Spiritual Growth

At PCC, students enjoy an atmosphere that promotes a heart for service and encourages students to develop and maintain a close personal relationship with the Lord. Devotional groups meet at the end of the day in all student residence halls several nights a week, and daily personal devotions are encouraged. Amidst a busy day, students get an opportunity to draw closer to the Lord during chapel, which meets four times a week. To pray for the needs of missionaries in a group, students can take part in Mission Prayer Band.

Weekly morning, evening, and midweek services at Campus Church provide a warm local church atmosphere while students are away from their home churches. And, just like in their home churches, students can get involved; options for church ministry range from church choir and orchestra to nursery and children’s ministries.

The focus on Christ extends beyond prayer meetings and church and chapel services. Each class begins with prayer, and collegian and Student Body meetings and student outings feature a student-delivered devotional. Students can also choose to give of their time and talents to make a difference for the Lord in their choice of Christian Service ministries, like nursing home visits, Bible clubs, puppet ministry, and door-to-door visitation to name just a few.

Graduate Perspectives

“I came to PCC as a dual enrollment student not knowing what to expect. I came to school to learn about computer science, but God has shown me that there is so much more to learn. He has shown me that PCC isn’t just about studying and getting good grades; it’s about learning more about our personal God through amazing preachers and growing in my relationship with Him. It’s about learning to make friends who will encourage you in your faith and your walk with God, and it’s about learning to serve others before yourself, even if it’s just as small as passing out balloons during midterms. As I graduate, I will be taking all that I’ve learned at PCC to help missionaries on the island of Guam.”— Danny, 2014 Graduate

“Chapel and my many Bible classes have truly taught me to “magnify the Lord.” I have gained an even more intense desire to know and love Jesus Christ through the rich Bible teaching that I have been so blessed to receive here at PCC. As we studied specific books in my Bible classes, my love for each book deepened! Chapel was truly the highlight of each day. As I have seen glimpses of our precious Savior presented by many different pastors and Bible faculty, it has spurred me on to seek the Lord in an even deeper way on my own. I will always look back on my years here at PCC as one of the greatest times of spiritual growth in my life. I have learned to truly fall in love with Jesus!”— Tina, 2014 Graduate