Students Spending Summer at PCC

Though most PCC students departed in May, many can still be seen walking across campus, eating lunch with friends at the Four Winds, or playing an evening game of bowling in the Sports Center. They can also be seen painting walls, planting flowers, serving coffee, or answering telephones.

These students are summer workers, and they have chosen employment at PCC for a variety of reasons. Some live in areas with few job opportunities for seasonal workers. Others would have to spend too much time and money traveling to and from work. And others, like Melody Holloway (’12 grad), simply desire to serve in a ministry setting.

“Through summer work at Teen Extreme and other camps, I have had the privilege to lead many souls to Christ as well as to provide and receive counsel and encouragement,” she said. “God provided amazing privileges for me to serve Him.”

Besides profiting spiritually, summer workers benefit financially, since most can earn enough to pay over half their yearly tuition, room and board in a single summer. Beyond that, summer workers receive free room and board, essentially reducing their living expenses to nothing. Then there’s the invaluable training and practical skills gained on the job, which have yielded post-college career opportunities for many students.

Nearly 40 different areas benefit from PCC summer workers, including Abeka Book and Abeka Academy customer service, interiors, nursery, maintenance, grounds, summer camps, and more.

Crystal Atkins, staff manager of the College Bookstore, appreciates the insights summer workers offer regarding which kinds of clothing styles and products would interest college students. Trevin Houk, staff grounds director, appreciates the 30 summer workers in his department, too. “We are tremendously pleased with our student workers,” he said. “We could never do what we do without them. We count them as key employees and partners in our work area.”

As you make college plans, consider the benefits of summer work through PCC’s Work Assistance program.

Published 5/16/2012