Crowd Glowed with Excitement at Late-Night Eagle Mania 2013

The Sports Center literally glowed with excitement at Friday’s late-night Eagle Mania, the annual sports rally that builds excitement for the upcoming Eagles seasons. At 11 p.m., when the lights went down, over 2,000 students and guests wearing glow sticks cheered as each of the Eagles cheerleaders, Eagles basketball; Ladies Eagles basketball, and Ladies Eagles volleyball players, coaches, and managers were introduced. Even Eagor, PCC’s eagle mascot, got his feathers in the spotlight.

As the cheerleaders worked the crowd into a roar, each of the Eagles teams—volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball—showcased their skills, performing drills and scrimmages. The men’s Eagles even had a slam-dunk contest at the end of the night.

Eagles T-shirt Winning Designs

But the Eagles teams weren’t the only exciting aspect of the evening. Two Eagles T-shirts were unveiled, the winning designs of a student contest to create shirts for “blue outs” and “white outs”—games when the entire student body wears these colors. The T-shirts went on sale the following day in the Bookstore

Also, two students whose names were randomly drawn competed by shooting miniature stuffed Eagors out of a T-shirt gun to hit the full-size Eagor at half court. Both students walked away with $500 PCC scholarships!

Around 12:30, students headed home, lighting the night with their glow sticks and their excitement about another season of Eagles competition.

Join in the fun at the first home game of the Lady Eagles on November 12 and the Eagles on November 19.

Published 10/25/2013