Weather: We Like it or Not

With the nickname like “the Sunshine State,” it’s no wonder Florida fosters expectations of year-long warmth and sunbeams. But most people don’t realize that Northwest Florida offers a kaleidoscope of weather throughout the seasons.

At PCC, thousands of people come together from different regions around the world. Some prefer the sunnier climate, but others—say from Michigan, Alaska, or Ukraine—prefer cooler temperatures. PCC is blessed to be located in Pensacola, which offers weather for warm and cold-natured people.

Students arrive in September on some of the warmest summer days. Summer stays around longer that usual in Florida—in November, it’s anyone’s guess if the campus will be sporting sweaters or not. But eventually autumn breezes bring relief. By the time students head home for Christmas, they’ll be bundled against brisk winds, leaving beautiful, chilly Florida for their own familiar climates. They return in January to some of Pensacola’s coldest weather. Though it rarely snows, temperatures dip into the 30s at night.

Spring comes suddenly. One day everyone on campus is shivering, and the next they’re shedding sweaters to enjoy the sunshine. Some beach-goers even brave the cold water, too eager to wait for Pensacola’s trademark season, summer, when most days begin with 80–90 degree weather. No matter how convincing the cerulean summer morning sky may seem, true Floridians know to grab an umbrella: in a few hours that sunny sky could morph into a torrential downpour. Just as quickly as the rain comes, the sun breaks through the clouds, umbrellas collapse, people emerge from under awnings, and the day resumes as before, only a bit more humid. After the heat of the day, cool breezes make the evenings delightful for sitting on the Commons terrace, taking a walk, or watching the coral sunset on the beach. It’s not an exaggeration to name summer the favorite season, but it’s definitely not the only one to enjoy.

So when you’re heading to PCC, put away your sunny expectations and find your own favorite season. Or better yet, enjoy what each season offers in this beautifully diverse place God has given us to enjoy.

Published 8/15/2013