Rest and Revitalization During Bible Conference

Last week, Bible Conference began with a relaxing picnic on College Field. Students, staff, and faculty enjoyed hot dogs, popcorn, and other treats that complemented the baseball-themed afternoon. While people ate, the Spirit Singers performed barbershop and “sweet Adeline” selections. The Symphonic Band and Brass Quintet also played favorite songs like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” as picnickers participated in a baseball toss and other baseball-related activities.

Over the next few days, guest speakers Dr. Raymond Barber, Dr. George Riddell III, Dr. Scott Tewell, and Dr. Mike Monte shared the burdens on their hearts with PCC family and guests in the Crowne Centre. As listeners rustled through their Bible pages and jotted down notes, they felt refreshed and encouraged. This year’s sermons focused on renewing one’s vision in such areas as contentment, forgiveness, purity, frugality, service, and so much more.

According to PCC student Troy Lobdell (Sr.), “PCC Bible Conference is truly one of my favorite events of the spring semester because we get to hear multiple men of God preach in services many times a day. On campus, it literally means spending time with friends while focusing on God’s Word.”

Friday afternoon’s service featured a special dramatic program Follow Me, which focused on the Last Supper and the apostles’ devotion to follow Christ until death. The dramatic scenes and musical ensembles challenged listeners to be faithful followers of Jesus in every area of their lives.

Published 3/20/2014