Eagle Mania 2014 Goes Electric

“You absolutely, positively, need to be at Eagle Mania tonight in the PCC Sports Center! You’re going to see the Eagles like never before,” tweeted Dr. Shoemaker the day of Eagle Mania.

And boy, was he right! Thunderstix clapping, students stomping, cheerleaders counting down to the moment Eagle Mania would begin—but only one word could describe what happened next—E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C!

Darkness engulfed the arena during the countdown before a professional-style floorshow began. No one expected to see the court explode into electrifying thunderbolts or to hear the screech of an eagle overhead. Students’ cheers erupted over the amped-up audio as they watched the projected eagle swoop onto the court between lightning bolts.

As the announcer introduced members of the Eagles and Lady Eagles basketball and volleyball teams, giant projections of each player, along with the player’s name and hometown, lit up the arena floor. Cheerleaders with lit pompoms led chants as players tossed PCC T-shirts into the audience, and Eagor the Eagles’ mascot shook hands and high-fived audience members.

Spirits soared as students cheered on the teams in scrimmages and watched one incredible projection after the next. This truly was Eagle Mania like never before!

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