2014 Yearbook Closes an Exciting Year with New Digital Features

One of the joys of college is the memories made throughout each year. For many students, those memories are preserved in the annual Summit yearbook.

“It makes permanent the moments that would only fade with time,” said Julianna Smith (Jr., GA).

Dedicated to PCC art faculty and artist in residence Brian Jekel, the 2014 Summit cover depicts an iconic tree on campus, where many have met their dates for an event, friends have bonded, and Fine Arts photos have been taken every semester. Following its unveiling in chapel on Friday, students hurried to claim their copy, eager to turn back the rich blue cover and find their pictures.

“I enjoy seeing how much I change from the time my picture is taken until I get the yearbook,” said Meghin Daniels (Jr., MD). “Sometimes it's a lot of difference for such a small amount of time. So much happens, and it seems like I was a different person when the picture was taken.”

As with every Summit since the first in 1975, most students especially love the signatures they collect, filling the yearbook’s blank pages with favorite verses, fancy signatures from classmates and teachers, and full-page letters from best friends.

“What makes the yearbook special to me is being able to have a special place for everyone to write a memoir about the semester and our relationship,” said Rachel Palmer (Sr., FL). “It's like a little treasure box full of sweet memories.”

In this 40th anniversary year, however, the memories go even deeper with new digitally embedded photos throughout the book. When students download the Junaio app, they can scan a QR code at the front of the book. Then, when they hover their iOS or Android devices over Summit photos, their screens reveal embedded pictures from Summits throughout PCC’s history.

The student body loves the new design, with many seniors calling it the best they’ve ever seen. “We are pleased that the student body likes the digital portion,” said Summit director Autumn Pearson. “We were happy to find a way to incorporate even more pictures.”

The new features connect students with each other, their school, and alumni from years past, further uniting the PCC family.

“For me, the yearbook is a way to look at what has been,” said Saul Horacek (Sr., FL). “I can always look back on the yearbook and there we all are, still in one place.”

Published 5/5/2014