PCC Music Faculty Perform in Germany

David and Leah Hill

This past summer, David and Leah Hill returned from performances in Freiberg, Germany for the third time.

“The summers that I’ve spent in Germany have given me valuable personal experiences that enable me to relate to the unique challenges that my students face on a regular basis,” said Leah. “I had the opportunity to work with many world-class musicians. Observing their insights, expertise, and performance skills has deepened my own musical understanding significantly. Consequently, I now have a deeper well of knowledge to draw from when interacting with my PCC students.”

To David, the German experience helped diversify his knowledge of music. “We were able to give performances in orchestral concerts, opera, art song recitals, and galas,” he said. “I had to quickly adapt to playing on the harpsichord, the celeste, the organ, and fortepiano as well as the piano. ‘Historically informed’ performance is an important concept right now in music education. Being able to play the instruments of the time, in the locations in which they were composed gave me new and helpful perspectives to pass on to my students.”

That’s the heart of David and Leah's experiences: to better themselves for their students. That same heart is what drew them to PCC over a decade ago.

“From high school, I knew I would study music in college. The question was, where?” recalled David, who met and married Leah after the two studied at PCC. “When I heard of Mrs. Daisy De Luca Jaffé—an artist in residence for the PCC music department and a piano performer and pedagogue of distinction—I knew that I wanted to study at PCC, that I would have much to learn there.”

Leah, who studied voice, was also drawn to PCC by music faculty Ray and Ann Gibbs, former artists in residence. “Their experience, talent, and passion to communicate truth and beauty in song made a significant impression on me,” Leah acknowledged. “Their commitment to excellence and singing for God’s glory strongly influenced my decision to keep studying music.”

Currently, the Hills plan to perform in PCC’s Symphonic Band and Choral Concerts at PCC this semester, and return to Freiberg this summer.

Now as PCC music faculty, David and Leah desire to impart to their students the wealth of instruction and guidance they have received.

“I feel blessed to be living one of my dreams at PCC,” David said, “to teach college-level music.”

Leah seconded her husband, declaring, “If I can impart to my students even a fraction of what I received as a voice major at PCC, my prayers will have been answered.”

Published 1/29/2015