Behind the Greek

The week before Greek Rush, collegian members filled their nights with steaming coffee, cold pizza, and a whole lot of planning. Some collegians, like the Theta Kappa Rho Lions, had been planning their theme since last semester. “Before we left for the summer, we had already decided on our theme, float design, booth setup, and Kickoff Meeting food,” said President Kayla Udd (Sr., TX).

For the Alpha Sigma Delta Sharks, preparation meant creating sketches and models of their over-the-top shark float, an open-mouthed great white with glowing eyes. President Bob Hunley (Jr., MI) said, “Overall, I think we spent approximately 24 man-hours working on the float. You could definitely see the quality.”

Aside from physically preparing exciting booths and awe-inspiring floats, collegians also prepared spiritually for new members. Aaron Kregenow (Sr., PA), president of the Zeta Sigma Delta Tornadoes, said, “The thing that most prepared our collegian for this event was prayer. Throughout the summer, the other officers and I have been praying for our collegian. We prayed that God would give us members that He would want us to have, and we would be a godly example to them.”

All of the preparation paid off at 6 p.m. as freshmen swarmed Main Drive, enjoying free steak, hamburgers, grilled pineapple, and other treats. Rachel Winston (DE) felt very welcomed. “It was as if the whole college was coming together to welcome all of us freshmen into the PCC family. Whether my friends and I were walking down the street eating cotton candy and drinking iced coffee, laughing as we watched the guys get dunked in the dunk tank, or taking crazy pictures with pirate costumes, we were all smiling and laughing, experiencing our first Greek Rush.”

At 7:45 p.m., students, faculty, and their families lined the streets to watch the Collegian Parade. This year’s floats included a dragon with outstretched wings, a pirate ship complete with cannons and red sails, a giant treasure chest glittering with gold, and a glowing-eyed king cobra ready to strike. Collegians showed their spirit with ingenious slogans like Alpha Psi Delta Barracudas’ “Fish for Freshmen.”

At the end of the evening, freshmen like Chesca Ambrocio (Philippines), felt accepted. “The collegians really wanted me to join them,” she said, “not just to increase their numbers but to have a new member in their family.”

Under the moonlight, students laughed, taking selfies with newfound friends as Greek Rush became a great college memory.

Published 10/01/2015