Educator Recruitment and Career Fair United Students with Prospective Employers

Career Fair

Starting last year, PCC has hosted Career Fair to help students pursue employment in their chosen fields. This year’s event held promise for students, with even more businesses participating than last year.

Steve Mellinger (PA), a senior mechanical engineering concentration student, said, “The Career Fair was helpful in allowing me to see what kind of work opportunities there were in my area of interest. There were several positions that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own that were presented. Instead of just a general field of study there were opportunities as a quality control engineer, CAD draftsman, manufacturing engineer, and consulting engineer.”

Students of all majors, including criminal justice, business, English, and missions, strolled through the MacKenzie Great Hall visiting with prospective employers from the U.S. Secret Service, Frontline Technologies, the Creation Museum, the U.S. Navy, Verizon Wireless, and Good News Ministries, among others.

Businesses both local and national accepted résumés, conducted interviews, and spoke with students about positions. Raul Andino (Honduras), M.B.A., said, “It was a great experience for being able to speak with possible employers. You can get your name out there and possibly form some leads for internships or full-time positions.”

Educator Recruitment

In addition to the Career Fair, PCC also provides Educator Recruitment every year for students interested in working in Christian education. Representatives from over 50 Christian schools spoke with students, as they sought to fill teaching and administration positions.

It is exciting to see the Career Fair and Educator Recruitment expand with more opportunities for students.

Published 3/16/2015