Summer Renovations Wrapping Up

Renocation Recap

In the ongoing effort to be good stewards of the facilities God has provided, the College has made a variety of updates on campus this summer—from residence halls and dining facilities to sports and recreation. These improvements will enhance nearly every part of student life while making the best use of current facilities.

In each residence hall, new keyless entry locks will give students access to their rooms with the tap of their PCC Card. Women students living in Dixon Tower will return to a completely remodeled residence hall with a refurnished lobby, attractive décor, and modern touches like USB charging outlets. Young Tower received new carpet in the lobby and dayroom on ground floor, along with renovated rooms on second floor to expand the building’s capacity.

Across campus in the Commons, the upstairs bathrooms near the Common Grounds have been updated and expanded, with more facilities being added downstairs in the coming year. As the building’s makeover continues, plans are in place to redesign the Campus Store and Palms Grille in the coming year.

Taking design cues from the Commons, the Varsity is also undergoing a transformation that will reflect a mature collegiate identity. The first phase of renovations in the College’s oldest dining facility was completed this summer, including the removal of much of the old circus–themed décor and the addition of new ceiling architectural designs. Although most of the interior design will not be completed until next summer, students will still enjoy meals in Varsity’s relaxed atmosphere. In addition, both dining halls now feature large monitors that display daily menus to make choosing a meal even easier.

In the Visual and Performing Arts building, a new computer lab with 24 iMac computers will accommodate the growing number of studio art and graphic design majors. Shawn Thayer, chair of the visual arts department, said, “Our program has grown beyond the capacity of our existing labs. The new labs will provide computers and software for students who do not have personal computers and will make sure that everyone has the opportunity to succeed.”

Earlier this summer, the resurfacing of the Sports Center Arena floor transformed the Eagles’ home court into a beautiful wood–stained surface that features the new Eagles logo prominently. In the second–floor entryway, dynamic banners bring a new level of professionalism to the space.

Published 09/02/2015