To Them That Are Lost

Everywhere, the lost are searching for hope. “Missions is about people,” said Hannah Malachuk (Sr., VT) who organized her own missions internship with Matt and Becky Allen in Papua New Guinea. “Missions is about reaching people and meeting them where they are. Missionaries must build relationships with the ultimate goal of introducing people to Jesus Christ.”

For Hannah and over 158 PCC students, the summer gave them time to go abroad, sharing Christ through missions work in places like the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Uruguay, India, and Romania. Their efforts led them to serve on nearly every continent and in over 30 countries.

William Sanford (Sr., FL), a team member on a missions trip to Ecuador, realized how important he could be to missionary work. “What was so memorable to me was seeing the Lord use us in a way that most of us had never imagined was possible. God can use us in many different ways in many different areas of the world for His purpose.” The team taught English in the schools, counseled at a weekend camp, and sang songs for leadership conferences.

Ashley Garrison (Sr., VA), who wants to return to Papua New Guinea as a missionary, was surprised by the people’s willingness to accept Christian literature. “We passed out 1,200 John and Romans in less than fifteen minutes because the local people were asking for numerous copies for their family and friends. They are hungry and eager to learn about the Lord,” she said.

In the Philippines, Alyssa Loudermilk (Jr., SC) experienced the same eagerness from people: “What had the greatest influence on me was the excessive love that the people had for a relationship with God.” Megan Reedy (Sr., WV) agreed, though she found the language barrier challenging. However, she soon learned that language would not hinder the Lord’s work. “One little girl, Esther, taught me that you don’t need to speak the same language to show your love,” she said. “Actions speak louder than words. God used her to remind me that there are hurting people all over the world that need Christ’s love.”

Mark Labins (Sr., CA) came away from his missions trip to Australia with a greater appreciation for fellow Christians. Mark said, “My favorite memories were meeting and fellowshipping with my friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ in Australia.” During their trip, he and the rest of the team participated in a series of youth rallies, a winter youth camp, and a Holiday Bible Club (an Australian version of Vacation Bible School).

After their missions trips, these students returned home, continuing to seek those that are lost and sharing the hope found in Christ. Their efforts this summer are already making a difference, as seen in this video of students serving in the Philippines.

Published 8/11/2015