Bible Conference 2016

After midterms had ended and before students began to tackle the second half of the semester, Bible Conference provided a brief reprieve to enjoy fellowship around God’s Word. The conference kicked off Wednesday afternoon with beautiful weather as students, faculty, staff, and guests enjoyed a Western Roundup picnic on College Field. Along with a specially prepared box lunch, picnickers chowed down on pulled pork sliders, corn on the cob, watermelon, and ice cream cones. Between hayrides, archery, and friendly competition over giant Jenga, students captured memories at Western-themed photo booths.

In the evening, everyone gathered in the Crowne Centre, anticipating how God would speak through the messages. Dr. Scott Tewell opened the conference with a sermon encouraging the audience to trust God’s provision in their lives. Later in the evening, Dr. Jeff Redlin walked the audience through Hebrews 11, delivering a powerful message on faith. Over the next two days, students also had the privilege to hear from Dr. Raymond Barber, a long-time speaker at Bible Conference whose love for Jesus and the Bible exudes from him.

A special dramatic performance on Friday afternoon by the Shining Light Players featured the Jim and Elisabeth Elliot story and inspired the audience to surrender their lives to God no matter the cost.

“God really used the preachers to speak to me, whether the topic was faith, envy, or the Word of God,” said Josh Corbin (Soph., IL). “God spoke through each message, and He was the center of it all.”

Josh Stanford (Soph., Japan) said, “All three speakers were empathetic to things students are going through and complimented each other’s sermons really well. From a personal perspective, it directly addressed a number of things that I was going through. It was a very good challenge and encouragement halfway through the semester.”

Published 3/25/2016