College, Here I Come

College Days

It’s exciting for high school students to imagine what it’s like to attend college—what they’ll study, who they’ll hang out with, what kinds of memories they’ll make.

Fortunately, high school students can get a preview of what’s to come at College Days, March 31–April 2 and April 14–16, where they get to experience almost every aspect of college life.

During their visit, students will be able to enjoy meals in the College’s two dining halls, go to chapel, spend time in the Sports Center, or enjoy a latté at the Common Grounds Café. They’ll also have the opportunity to visit classes and talk to teachers about their fields of interest.

Liz Somers (’14), a PCC enrollment advisor, remembered her first visit to PCC. “Being able to visit the campus solidified in my mind this was the place for me!” she said. “My roommates were very sweet and made me feel right at home.”

To anyone considering attending College Days, fellow advisor Kim Burley (’15) recommended, “If you’re a young person interested in College Days, come with a college mentality. When you come, you are a PCC college student. Get involved with as many activities as possible and keep an open heart to whatever God is leading you to do. Wherever you are, be all there!”

College Days

Published 2/10/2016