“Beyond Awesome”: Eagle Mania 2016

“Ten, nine, eight, seven—” thousands of voices thundered in unison in the Sports Center Arena during the typical countdown to Eagle Mania. But the rally that followed was anything but typical. “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” freshman Cora Cox said of the high-tech graphics that played across the Sports Center Arena floor. “I thought it was going to be a pep rally in the gym, but that was beyond awesome. It really made me proud to be going to this college.”

“The visual theme was a slightly different feel than the previous two years,” said staff designer Tim Parsons, part of the team that created the floorshow. “This year, it was a little more futuristic. The graphics and sound design were much different—that’s what sells it.”

This fall, Eagor, the Eagles’ mascot, helped kick off the annual event that introduces the Eagles squads to the student body. The arena reverberated with the cheers of excited students and guests who band together as fans to “protect the nest” each season. Senior Dante DiCamillo said, “Eagle Mania shows how so many people from so many different backgrounds can come together as one to support a team they are passionate about.”

With the addition of the soccer team, the Eagles family had much to celebrate as they welcomed each team member of the 2016 squads. After team introductions, the Eagles and Lady Eagles basketball, volleyball, and soccer teams along with the cheerleading squad tackled the Ultimate Eagle Challenge—an obstacle course that featured all the College’s sports. “Eagle Mania was awesome,” said Taylor Jensen, a junior on the soccer team. “It has always been an event I've looked forward to watching, but it was really cool to be a part of it this year. It was a real honor to be introduced to my fellow classmates and hear everyone cheering. Our school has the best fans in the region, easy!”

Students also anticipated a special announcement during the evening. A week before Eagle Mania, students were invited to post creative photos on Instagram with #EagorIsEverywhere on behalf of their collegians. The winning collegians and photos were revealed during the event, and each will enjoy a catered meal in the Commons.

“It felt really great being a part of something—protecting the nest like they kept saying,” Cora said.

Published 10/28/2016