A New Year, a Fresh Start

On campus, the anticipation builds as students from all over the world are arriving for our 43rd year to get underway. With less than a week until classes start, freshmen are preparing to commence one of life’s most exciting endeavors. Some are already here getting their first PCC Card, claiming their residence hall bunk with their favorite bedspread, and getting acquainted with other students in the Commons. Next week, they’ll register for classes, purchase their textbooks, and map out the best routes for getting from one class to the next (with a little help from their upperclassman roommates).

With one year completed, sophomores are eagerly picking up where they left off in the spring as they dive deeper into their major. After spending the summer completing practicums in their field, juniors are now looking forward to taking specialized classes to advance their future ministries and careers.

Seniors will be returning for a season of lasts as they reunite with friends that have become more like family over the past few years, savoring their favorite college traditions like Eagle Mania and Christmas Lights for the final time.

Students will join together with faculty and staff on Monday and Tuesday evenings to begin the year with a spiritual focus at Opening Meetings. This year, Dr. Tim Zacharias (’89 grad), the founding pastor of Community Baptist Church in Branford, Connecticut, will preach the meetings. Then on Wednesday, September 7, classes will start to kick off a new school year.

Published 8/30/2016