Four Decades of Greek Rush

1976—the year of the original Greek Rush.

There were only four collegians back then—small groups created to give students more opportunities, a closely knit circle of friends, and plenty of competition.

The Spartans. The Falcons. The Lions. The Indians. The excitement was contagious as they proudly marched across the campus of Pensacola Christian College, setting a pattern for years to come.

Fast forward 40 years later to September 18, 2016, as the Greek Rush tradition continued.

The swarming crowds. Laughter. Barbequed chicken on the grill. Delta Gamma Rho running by in brightly colored T-shirts. Signs overhead, hands in the air. An absolute blur of energy and anticipation. This is what Greek Rush has become.

Now each collegian picks a theme, dresses up mascots, and sets up a booth with free food and contests to recruit new members.

“Our theme was ‘Salute to Service,’” said Ben Brenneman (Sr., NH), president of Zeta Chi Delta. “We brought in our police and firemen as well as the marines. We’re looking for students who want to honor those who serve our country.”

Collegians also design a float for the Collegian Parade—the climax of every Greek Rush now. There are enormous scorpions, fire engines, rockets—this year there was even a giant pie!

“We all wore aprons and handed out pie to represent our collegian—Pi Epsilon!” Explained a member, Olivia De La Rosa (Sr., FL), “We sprayed a kiddie pool silver for the pie tin and used it as the base of our float.”

“It’s really about all the personalities,” added their president, Katelyn Young (Sr., MD), “In my collegian, we aren’t just an organization. We’re friends. We all brain storm and work hard together on the inside—but then we stick together out around campus, too.”

Published 9/23/2016