Ye Shall Be Witnesses

In north Sudan, a young woman disappeared after boldly proclaiming her newfound faith in Christ. In Japan, a five-year-old boy wept because his father would not be able to spend eternity in heaven unless he accepted Christ. In the Ivory Coast, men, women, and children came to know Christ through a Bible-literacy program.

All across the world, the gospel is changing lives, and people are sacrificing everything they have to share the good news. This year’s Campus Church Missions Conference turned hearts toward the harvest, encouraging the church family to consider how they can take part in missions. On Sunday morning, hundreds of PCC international students in native dress represented over 50 countries in the Parade of Nations. Lydia, a junior from Sudan, was proud to represent her country as the first and only Sudanese student at PCC. She said, “It felt like a little glimpse of heaven because in heaven there’s going to be people from everywhere.”

During the conference, guest speakers challenged students to look beyond their comfort zones and reach out to a lost world. Dr. David Pittman, pastor and longtime advocate of missions, said, “Jesus Christ decided to have those who are forgiven tell the story.”

Through missionary presentations, audiences saw firsthand the physical and spiritual needs around the world. Students were able to meet with missionaries and mission board representatives in the Commons to discuss ministry opportunities. Dan Bergman with Jewish Awareness Ministries advised students, “Keep your heart open to wherever the Lord may call you and then actively pursue that direction. Try to connect with churches and seek out mission boards to partner with to get you to the mission field.”

While hearing about the great needs around the world, many realized their responsibility to be a witness right where they are. As Lydia said, “It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you’re going after you graduate; just wherever you go make sure you let God’s light shine through you.”

Published 2/19/2016