Much More than Fun and Games

Splashing into a pit of water, LOLing (literally) during camp skits, bowling with new friends in the Sports Center—so many games and activities took place on campus from June through August that numbering them would be impossible.

Over 8,100 young people took part in Youth Outreach Ministry Summer Camps held on campus, whether they participated in teen camps including Teen Extreme and academic/arts/sports camps or in Sports Center Day Camp for younger children.

Drama campers learned how to build their own sets and acted out scenes from a variety of plays in the concluding Showcase performed for family and friends. Music Academy honed campers’ musical abilities and provided performance opportunities at the Gala Concert at the end of camp. And in academic and sports camps, teens improved their skills and deepened their understanding for the year ahead. At Sports Center Day Camp, activities like bowling and swimming entertained younger campers.

But most importantly, through daily instruction in God’s Word, each youth and teen camper had the opportunity to hear the salvation message. At Teen Extreme, hundreds of teens made life-changing spiritual decisions after hearing messages from pastors Johnny Pope, Kenny Baldwin, Shane Lewis, Ray McCormick, and Jeff Redlin.

Pastor Bob Morrissey wrote on Facebook, “Teen Extreme was an incredible experience for our church teens and workers to be a part of for the first time this year. Lord willing, we will be returning next year.”

It was exciting to see thousands of children and teenagers experience a summer filled with learning and growing.

Published 8/19/2016