Springing Ahead into a New Semester

Hugging a friend hello or grabbing a cup of coffee at the Common Grounds after five long weeks apart—these are the scenes college students experience the first day back after Christmas break. While enjoying time away from college classes, they can start to miss all of the experiences that make college so memorable, as junior Sean wrote about on the student blog.

A few of the experiences that lie ahead for the spring semester include the first ever Eagle Pride Tailgate Party, new outing destinations, tryouts for the new Eagles soccer team, Missions Conference, PCC Career Fair, and signs of progress on the new Palms Grille relocation and renovation.

On January 25, students will complete their online registration, preparing for classes. Upperclassmen and faculty advisors will help new students with each step as they register for classes and get settled into their new routines.

Pastor Joe Shakour, a 2007 pastoral ministries graduate, will return to speak at PCC’s opening meetings on Sunday and Monday evenings. His expositional preaching will help students focus on God as they set goals and begin their classes on January 26.

Published 01/21/2016